‘Significantly harder than before’: GCSE students collect results

‘Significantly harder than before’: GCSE students collect results
‘Significantly harder than before’: GCSE students collect results
Looking at my grades on 30s because of the hard work has paid off Aloha Oregon Paranormal Activity, I felt like and everything absolute, absolutely brilliant stuff. We bought phenomenally hard to give up the time at the end of the day, Fenton High School response to that, and we have a small number of students who are bit disappointed. We got support and guidance and help them in terms of what they’re going to do. Next,
Actor and comedian Stephen Fry, 61 (right), offered wise words for students feeling stressed and pressured after receiving their GCSE results. In a interview with BBC Breakfast, on Thursday (left), he revealed: ‘I get very upset when I see how stressed children are sometimes by exams, the pressure that’s put on them, either by themselves, by their mates or by their teachers or parents.’ He admitted he did ‘miserably’ with his GCSE (known as O-levels at the time) and that the scores ‘never really matter’. He said: ‘What matters is what kind of person you are, curiosity, staying alert and interested, there is always another chance and I would always rather be an unqualified success than a qualified success.’

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