Skeletal ‘beests’ walk the shoreline – BBC News

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Skeletal ‘beests’ walk the shoreline – BBC News
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the noise of a stranded make some sort of you listen temperature screen my name is Theo Jansen and the creator of the strandbeests and we’re here on the beach and straighten your hair strandbeest means Beach animal but if you haven’t seen one before they they look like skeletons Greg Boni I would say the strange thing about this Beast is that they have to same way of walking like it will animals I didn’t study what animals I just tried to figure out what is mechanically the best way to walk tell every spring I bring a newbies to the beach while infected few base to the beach and then doing this but I do kind of experiments here in the end I want to have an animal which survives on his own so by the time I will leave the planet that these animals can live as in used fisherman I discovered that since I’ve ever put his movies on YouTube that there’s so many in the world who look at this and that’s just how my world Works press many people think that the Beast are my friends I wouldn’t call Frances of course I’m totally intrigued by by the Beast I don’t the cobbled them or a stroke them or kiss them I was honored that NASA invited me to to come to Pasadena today ask me to join their brainstorm sessions to go to Venus and of course I promoted the Beast very much they’re so it maybe in the future you will see a caterpillar walk obvious death would be the most watched YouTube video ever
“Strandbeests” or “beach animals” are made from PVC tube and are powered by the wind.
Creator Theo Jansen uploads videos of his creations to YouTube, attracting fans worldwide including the US space agency Nasa.

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