‘Slow Burn’: How Kacey Musgraves Turned Country Music Trippy | Diary of a Song

‘Slow Burn’: How Kacey Musgraves Turned Country Music Trippy | Diary of a Song
Poodle puppy, the song is definitely what country songs songs. I think anything that like puts me outside of their like estate of living, is a really healthy thing, everyday sitting on my front porch drinking, and I was like man yeah. She said that she wanted to do something called slow-burn. I like riding title first, because it can be that kind of Keystone kind of being out west or somewhere out near some mountains, where you could get a vast sense of landscape Ian and I started to mess with a little bit of a backdrop that you might Be able to paint that kind of vehicross what was her initial reaction? She likes to do a lot, so she will hand write the lyrics. A lot of people are just on their phone. I had a pretty complex idea of an arrangement just leaving slightly eastern-sounding feelings and then later we added some strains where there’s a bit of like I’m, almost some Indian Motif. I, like anything that sounds Asian. I like that. I just wanted to feel like it opened up into skate images. I do remember taking well, I think, that’s pretty good, but you don’t know how other people are going to react. You like playing part – and I do like to come in and delete it cuz. I was hoping would make it
Kacey Musgraves took an acid trip and returned with the concept for “Slow Burn,” a song that set the tone for her genre-bending country album. Using FaceTime interviews, demos and doodles we show you how the track came together.

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