Smashed Cucumber Salad | Mary Beth Albright’s Food Hacks

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Smashed Cucumber Salad | Mary Beth Albright’s Food Hacks
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Smashed Cucumber Salad | Mary Beth Albright’s Food Hacks
This is the only summer, salad that you are going to need, and this is something you will not need for it. All you need is a rolling pin and it is a smashed cucumbers. An English Hothouse cucumber or Persian cucumber. Those are the long ones without a lot of seeds and you can involve the kids so just take your cucumber, take your rolling pin – and here we go – this is the best part about it match the Cucumber. The best thing about this is that you’re going to get uneven, scraggly pieces of cucumber – you don’t have to pulverize. It just want to get it until it’s a little bit flat and then just break it up into pieces with your fingers. I promise you. This is not crazy. I like making a mess, especially when I’m cooking outside that you can put the cucumber and lock bag and crush it up that way too, and then it won’t make a mess. So I love these different shaped. It look so beautiful in the bowl and it’s elegant. Looking to so what you can do is add to this. You can basically do whatever you want at any kind of dress. You like today, I’m adding simple gorgeous different colored tomatoes to the salad. It’S going to look beautiful, simple but summary, and then I made a very simple basic vinaigrette and if you want you can who are the mustard-jar vinaigrette food hacks? That is a terrific one, is a little bit of vinaigrette over the top and you’re done. I didn’t even need a knife for this salad. Texture is part of the fun of eating the salad. It’S not uniform. It is an interesting salad. You are going to love eating us.
Summer’s easiest and freshest salad is also the most fun and versatile. Smash an English cucumber, break it up with your hands, and toss with dressing–simple perfection. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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