SNC-Lavalin probe is fifth ethics investigation for Trudeau’s cabinet

SNC-Lavalin probe is fifth ethics investigation for Trudeau’s cabinet
SNC-Lavalin probe is fifth ethics investigation for Trudeau’s cabinet
Clancy Agha Khan limos. What are these all have in common they’re among the items that have wound up under the ethics commissioner scrutiny over the past three years. This week, Canada’s ethics Watchdog launched an investigation into the snc-lavalin affair, V ethics probe in holding the Trudeau cabinet. First, under the microscope, Jane Philpott Toronto area, limo service that limo company is owned by a liberal volunteered on her campaign taking responsibility. I apologize for that and we will put steps in place to make sure it doesn’t happen. Again. Was cleared of any ethics breach, but she still refunded taxpayers Tim Kaine next in to Justin Trudeau’s family vacation on an island in the Bahamas owned by the Agha Khan. The trip cost taxpayers $ 127,000. The Agha Khan was a friend of Pierre Trudeau, but he also actively cheats for government funding. The ethics Watchdog ruled the trip was a violation of multiple Essex rules, making Justin Trudeau the first prime minister to break Canada’s Federal ethics laws. Family vacation that I am responsible for and responsibilities companies can set up pensions for their employees. The opposition Pride conflict of interest, saying the bill would benefit more Noah’s: family firm, Morneau Shepell, a pension management company in which Morneau still own about a million shares. Wuornos answer the criticism I decided not only to sell all of mine and my family’s assets, the company, I feel my father for 25 years. I’Ve also decided to donate any difference in value in those chairs. Until now, the commissioner investigated and found no wrongdoing. The forest has centered around Dominic LeBlanc and a lucrative Arctic surf clam license issued a license to the five nations claim company in 2018, but connected to the ethics commissioner, rule of law in violation of Ethics rules, saying he should have recused himself from the contract decision. However, has the responsibility to make those determinations I except his determination in a criminal case against snc-lavalin. We welcome the ethics. Commissioner is investigation to think it’s extremely important that Canadians can continue to have confidence in our system. Stephen Chase start with you, because we’re of course talking about the latest in that in that five, five different investigations, the one involving Jody wilson-raybould, the prime minister’s office and snc-lavalin mayor of Sarnia on a little earlier on the show – and he was he was very concerned – That the potential job loss and effect that that’s a negative consequence of being lost in the conversation you’re in Quebec and how how the story is playing out there there’s a realization here like there would be anywhere that has in the order. I believe it’s around. 9400 employees here in Quebec that the company is too big to fail. If it was to fail, it would be catastrophic to the Quebec economy. One of the reasons of these deferred-prosecution agreements. We’Re set up the first place. That said, you know that, since he’s been dragged through the mud for a long time, we had the situation. Of course we have their rigging with the the hospital here in Montreal, which one police officer called, and I’m I’m paraphrasing here at the biggest Scandal. Corruption, wise in Canada’s history, there was never any any screaming what all the stuff came out with Trudeau that in the last few weeks, come out in the Globe and Mail. The idea that a government would interfere and what a prosecutor should or shouldn’t do with the private, with a with a private company or publicly traded company by a non-governmental company and that there’s just there’s a pushback from Quebec are saying that you know these old tropes That comeback assertive v, i getting favorable treatment, all that kind of stuff, and then everybody else from outside the country services will look comebacks getting it back. That’S that’s how the sort of the economic question of what happened, answer questions, and today he was pretty pretty clear about there being jobs being a priority, but also hearing from Premier logo Premier before him other MPS. He said in the company himself, which would itself is: is that a sort of an argument that could that could have some impact we’ll have to wait and see how people start to view this? But when you look at the cumulative effects of having all of these ethics probes, can people see a very large company, they don’t see the people underneath, which I think is in the state, because we really need to think with that. But they see a very, very large company, getting preferential treatment from friends, and that is baby really hard kind of image, too kind of strip off and say but wait, there’s almost 5,000 people and their jobs at stake here. So it won’t really matter. I don’t think which other leaders you have come out and speak about that when we were listening to the mayor, can you shut down in small locations? Those kinds of impacts are massive, and I think we can’t Overlook those people, but at the same time, it’s hard to see past Executives to make bad decisions. Robin. Do you think it’s? The discussion here is so political? Is there anyway, at this point, to separate the two? I don’t think so. I mean know that you really can separate the two and that’s that’s the whole point that this should have been a completely separate case, that there shouldn’t have been any sort of overlap between politics and the judicial system. In this case that was handling what was going on and end these criminal charges. The fact that there is. Overlap now is something that we can’t sort of turn the clock back on, and hopefully everybody forgot. I think it’s interlinks right now. I don’t see a way that we can separate that to the fact that, even if this pitch was going on, this alleged pressure happen, the potential for interference, Houston Services decided in the end it would appear. At least there was Independence and actually in the legislation to create these deferred-prosecution agreement. That says, you’re not allowed to consider the National Economic interest. Now course, you said: that’s the two level as a peeling this and you will be up to the courts to decide what to do. But I bet you if they succeed like to be thrown back to Cabinet, not because they’re actually asking for the court Nelly, took to quash the decision, then beginning of negotiations on a deferred prosecution agreement to the government. How can I pick up a little bit on that speaking to a lawyer this week about this snc-lavalin does face these charges and is ultimately found guilty. They are in a lot a lot of trouble in part because their reputation is so tattered outside of Canada. Already because of the World Bank Van Into lesson, 13 2013. The World Bank put a 10-year ban on any on snc bidding on any contracts around the world. In their home base become so tired that they’re going to start they’re going to be in a Lunchable, not all of them have been founded. We certainly don’t know the outcome of this one. Is there, though, a problem come election time when you have that kind of narrative out there for four, I guess for the opposition’s choosing whoever is campaigning against the government, one of the things that you know we said earlier. They really did campaign on very specific things. About looking out for the little person about not being you no privileged and only looking out for Rich and only looking for corporations and Executives, and when you have those kinds of Ethics concerns, it actually puts that rate back into them saying no. Actually, you are very connected and you are trying to protect your friend and you are making money off of, and I think that’s something that you can’t really get away from, especially when you have five of these instances, whether they’re proven or not. In such a short period of time that just gives people the impression of a pattern whether there’s a pattern or not anything yeah I mean I think it’s particularly damning about this collection is.. You know it’s not so much. That is unprecedented to hear these words of scandals or that it breaks new ground or that it’s totally unfamiliar, I think, is that it is actually very familiar right down to the fact that we have a federal liberal government that is allegedly sewing favors for forgot company And all this talk about ethics and conflict of interest, I’m remembering Coruscant, bringing back those memories and as some of the others to set, I mean for a for a government. Campaign on the whole idea that it was going to be different., Renton, 4th rice and not Like the same governments that you’ve seen before this is really damaging to that reputation, so the collective really undermines what this whole government reported to be about at the onset of 2015, because in the resignation letter that Jody wilson-raybould put at the line that definitely striped stuck Out to me was the one around doing politics differently and that she had run for a federal speed under under that Mantra. That idea and remember during the Harper yours the constantly preaching the virtue of of not telling independent parties how to do their job, like, for instance, you no overriding. What the and often always been an auditor general thanks in fact, leaving it to the to the Civil Service to to make proper decisions. This case we have a decision from the director of public prosecutions and they’re going to be in a real bind if the decision comes back to them, because they’re going to be forced to over, I got said, I think a narrative takes a while for an air To dig up to build up about a cup, a cup, a party in government – I take it takes several years and I’m not sure where the three and a half years is enough to really a building. Are the people buy into so it is, and if you can, if this story I mean Steven, could probably let us know in the coming weeks be answered that ends. We are getting closer to the election.
Canada’s ethics watchdog launched an investigation into the SNC-Lavalin affair. It’s the fifth ethics probe involving Justin Trudeau’s cabinet.
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