Solo traveler’s epic trip puts accessibility to the test | Humankind

Solo traveler’s epic trip puts accessibility to the test | Humankind
Solo traveler’s epic trip puts accessibility to the test | Humankind
Learned that I had freedom – and I had lied again and kind of this holy Revelation to explore the world, and I thought I’m still mobile an ambulatory and independent at this point. So why not the world and learn what it’s like and my new legs? I guess that’s wheels and figure out what the world has to offer and see how the world does acceptability. I was diagnosed when I was about eight or nine years old and want to 5 % of the type of muscular dystrophy. That I has that I have infantile onset meeting. I developed it at a young age and I showed signs had a very young age. Special snowflake, I think, like surprising, Amedisys disability law is different in every country in even every city that I went to for the most part in Europe. It’S old, and so that’s something that we don’t think about America and it’s so beautiful over there. They have laws just like America does to protect historical Integrity, so they’ve done their best and a lot of historical facilities to provide an alternative option for people with disabilities. That’S perfect, I was in Barcelona and I had just landed and I come up out of the the metro and of the elevator and I look around. I’Ve completely lost I’ve. No idea where I am. I don’t know where my hotel Liz show them where I was trying to go in, and they escorted me to the hotel was just people that are willing to help and go out of their ways to do good. I want to encourage others with disabilities that you can travel outside of your world, and the world is a little bit more acceptable, they’re, not perfect than you think it is
Carden traveled across Europe to see just how accessible the world is for someone who uses a wheelchair. What she discovered was the kindness of strangers is a powerful thing.
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