Something slammed into Jupiter and it was visible form Earth

Something slammed into Jupiter and it was visible form Earth
Something slammed into Jupiter and it was visible form Earth
A couple of things to tell you about the planet Jupiter tonight I huge meteor or Comet appears to have slammed into the massive failed star, so big and amateur Stargazer and Texas, caught it with a backyard telescope and a camera. The bottom left of your screen, the brightest, is believed to be the impact and a larger telescope. The Hubble just nap, just intense Vivid portrait of the planet that shows its famous Great Red Spot, is shrinking astronomers. Don’T know why Chinese now to make some sense of this science and technology, specialist and risk and so meteor or comment. I guess it could be either one did Jupiter protect Earth from being hit in this particular case, Cosmic vacuum cleaner. It’S so massive. I mean it weighs more than twice as much as all the other planets combined. It’S so massive it it sort of brings in everything with its gravitational field until they’re people who believe that life could never have even evolved on Earth if it were The Way Jupiter. Just sucks up things like this and takes the impact for it, so it may have saved his head red spot. Everyone is so fascinated with what is it about it and the significance of it shrinking, even though I don’t know why it’s beautiful time for one thing, but Galileo saw it when he first use a telescope to look at Jupiter way back in the 1600s. In that red spot has remained to this day and we’ve never known if it’s a permanent thing or just a storm that will go away, and this current research shows that it may well go away. We’Re just lucky to be able to see it. And the other thing about Jupiter, that’s so great – is that it’s accessible, I mean if you go outside right now you can find the moon very easily you’ll, see a white dot next to it. That’S Jupiter and if you put a pair of you, may well be able to see some of its moons. It’S really a special thing to do, and it’s right there for us any time.
An amateur astronomer caught on camera the moment something huge slammed into Jupiter this week. Science and Technology Specialist Dan Riskin weighs in on a possible meteor or comet appearing to slam into Jupiter.

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