Sonos Beam and Alexa, does it work?

Alexa Volume 8 speakers that got a brand new one to Soundbar for the TV it sells for $400 and it has Alexa open so you could ask Alexa to turn on the TV and change the channel is that going to work let’s find out together here on talking to him open up the app use the Sonos app setup beam we had a problem and older plasma TV without an arc HDMI port meant that we had to go to the cable box and call Tech Support to find out what was missing Alexa Volume 2 that was about the only TV function we could do with the Soundbar as well as muting to sound is not going to do a lot for you with the Soundbar Beyond raise the volume it will not turn on the TV it will not change the channel what it will do is will bring music and other Alexa features to your television set there are other Alexa Alternatives with the TV that will do more you might want to check that out you get great sound and you get to connect the other Sonos speakers my quick cake what’s your thought let’s talk about it on Twitter where I’m at Jefferson Graham you been watching talking text thanks for watching Alexa what do you think
USA TODAY’s Jefferson Graham takes a look (and listen) to the new Sonos Beam which incorporates Amazon’s Alexa.voice commands.

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