Spared no expense: A rare mosasaur is on display in Alberta

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Spared no expense: A rare mosasaur is on display in Alberta
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I knew and rare dinosaur skeleton is on display at a Southwestern Manitoba Museum a mosasaurus skeleton has been unveiled by the Canadian fossil discovery center let’s go to the center curator and paleontologist Victoria markstrom Victoria I understand Mosasaur is very special and very rare very important specimen on auto makes the cftc but for the scientific Community as a whole dinosaur this is this is actually a type of Moses or called Carissa. and animals but then they went back into the ocean so they’re a little bit different from dinosaurs look at its teeth I understand this was a mosasaur that you eat sharks well if we take a look at the teeth here you can see they have very small and send their they’re very thin and that’s very jellyfish Maybe there yeah so a person Susie are mosasaurus that are that have been with us for awhile this guy behind me is a little smaller it’s around a 3.75 prison life so I compared to Bruce which is 13 why doesn’t the type of space he’s also has a large pop culture presents as it has been featured in the last two Jurassic World movies and also has a presence in the upcoming Aquaman movie the people talk about that when they come in and see them specific Mosasaur but most stores in general have had a large increase in Social Media attention lately so I appeared in Jurassic World and I will be appearing in the new Aquaman film so that’s really really exciting I think we’ve garnered a lot of attention because of that so it’s really exciting to see sexy movies at Hollywood who doesn’t like a good sea monster right it’s really fascinating just left in the ocean in wonder what kind of mysterious creatures are in the subject the weather about area where will the skeleton go from here this guy is staying with some of scientific research scientist wants to study a specific part we can send other replicas to other museums for this guy Canadian fossil discovery center thank you for your time today thanks for so much
Paleontologist Victoria Markstrom says a mosasaur skeleton on display in Alberta is a very important specimen to the scientific community.

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