Special counsel begins first prosecution of Trump associate in Paul Manafort trial

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Special counsel begins first prosecution of Trump associate in Paul Manafort trial
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is President Trump’s former campaign chairman Paul manafort will be in court today as first trial related to special counsel Robert Mueller investigation is scheduled to begin manafort faces financial fraud charges if he’s convicted the issue of the Trump campaign as possible collusion with Russia is not expected to be part of this trial but the president tweeted earlier today quote collusion is not a crime but that doesn’t matter because there no collusion CBS News Washington correspondent Paul Arenas outside of the courthouse in Alexandria Virginia today that there is no chance that he will cooperate or take a plea deal can you what is accused of the allegation is that he needs tens of millions of dollars lobbying on behalf of pro-russia Ukrainian politicians but failed to disclose all of that income to the IRS and it says real estate cars even close as a way to launder money so I have anything to do with Russian interference in the campaign but this is something that they came across in their investigation special counsel was hoping to pressure 14 tubing a cooperating witness into the overall Russia investigation but so far he has refused to cooperate he has refused to enter a plea deal as many of the other people been charged in this case have done and he is going to fight this through trial here in Alexandria use another trial in Washington in the fall a very few number of protesters behind you holding up signs that say lock him up I don’t know if it looks like protesters from where you are but it doesn’t look like there’s a lot of people back there I do have there actually seen a lot of this and please and some of the other folks in this in front of the courthouse we’re about 10 to 12 Oaks here over the course of the morning but they’re definitely outnumbered by us depressed so dizzy first Trump associate to go to trial he’s the only American charged us part who’s going to take the case to trial what’s at stake for spell counsel Robert Mueller with this there’s so much a conviction relief person will conviction here that’s going to be a significant blow to special counsel will see in the court of public opinion when were charges in Washington DC in the fall it’s business partner is expected to testify against him in the trial when your code if the person you’re charged with any conspiracy stealing and laundering this money allegedly Gates and manafort originally they both pleaded not guilty after fighting something like this he was not willing to sort of pushed through and hope for a presidential pardon the way man afford is so he’s going to be able to go there and he’s going to be able to test even mention the Trump campaign so you mentioned you know there’s this is devastating witness against Paul manafort’s is her paper trail case there’s a lot of serve document so the likelihood of Paul manafort being convicted maybe I’m just speculating but if he is convicted for the president pardon him he is already been incarcerated which is extremely unusual a white-collar case like this but some of his conductor allegedly tampering with Witnesses gave the judges concerned that he could witness. If you don’t expect to be convicted but if he is convicted here in Virginia a presidential pardon if he is convicted the president’s attorneys he believes I wear the target a politically-motivated federal investigation. interment his attorneys to anything very interesting that he is not going to cooperate so maybe he’s Crossing his fingers as well
Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort’s trial got underway this morning in Virginia. Manafort is accused of financial crimes in connection with political lobbying work her performed in Ukraine. Manafort’s attorney tells CBS News there is “no chance” he will cooperate. CBS News Washington correspondent Paula Reid joins CBSN to discuss what’s at stake in the trial.

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