Stacey Abrams Is ‘The Queenmaker’ Of Georgia Democratic Politics | MTP Daily | MSNBC

Stacey Abrams Is ‘The Queenmaker’ Of Georgia Democratic Politics | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Stacey Abrams Is ‘The Queenmaker’ Of Georgia Democratic Politics | MTP Daily | MSNBC
Is a Georgia politics expert if the Atlanta Journal-Constitution political, reporter Greg Bluestein can’t complain now I never did complain, but they were Gottesman. St. George’s going to be a Battleground for 10 years really is and is really hitting us hard. Now, it’s obvious from 30000 feet. Georgia is a Battleground and it’s obvious that it’s a competitive state, don’t look like big players, yet it just simply a lack of familiarity, and this will come Or democrats have a bench problem I’ll be going to be a 4th, maybe a v in the next few Weeks, but on the race to replace Senator Johnny isakson, who just announced he’s going to retire by the end of the year, there is a dozen or so names talking about running. A lot of big names could be Stars, so it’s really completely up in the air. This was like a bombshell, a seismic drive through Georgia politics now, I’m curious on the Republican side of the aisle is that is that a governor Kemp is looking at. This he’s got to find somebody that doesn’t just hold the seat. He’S got to find somebody that has the chops to do this twice. You got it. This is the most consequential Vision protocol decision. The government has made and probably will make his first term, at least because whoever is on the ballot, whoever he picks will be on the ballot with President Trump and Senator Perdue next year. And then, if they win, will be on the ballot with him. And he has a chance to Simply select it on running mate and we’re nearing up here that the Attorney General is the Washington preference. What do you hear down there top paid to Johnny isakson? His wife is his current top paid his maybe the sentimental favorite, but I think Governor Kemp is going to look at a small Galaxy of Republican figures from elected officials like Chris Carr to outside-the-box post business executive members of the Judiciary, Federal prosecutors, and he has some Time to his a few months to make his decision, so I wouldn’t be surprised if you looked at some sort of Outsider candidate, he might not pick that up took herself out. Is there a point, though, we’re she’s so disappointing? Georgia Democrats that she’s going to hurt her own political standing in the party or is that just right now, she’s too much of a rockstar to do that are in Georgia, accept that she wants to have a rematch against Governor camp in 2022. That’S that’s! Probably her main goal: if she’s on the VP shortlist, if she’s a VP nominee she’s perfectly fine, but everyone down here kind of figures – that there will be a rematch if she’s not a vice-presidential nominee. So there will be recruiting efforts for her. But I don’t think she’s going to change your mind. Does she play a role in recruiting? Does she see herself the leader of the party and, if she’s not going to run and therefore it is she going to basically play play the king maker here and the other Senate race now that just open, but I think she’ll play a very big behind-the-scenes role And she is she’s that she’s the most prominent Georgia, Democrat and she’s basis of the queen maker of democratic politics down here. So we have made a big deal say: George. Is a swing state? That’S too much action going down for the two parties not to ignore it, but they give me your reality right now: State Fair Republican still dominate politics. They still have won every Statewide race in 2010. They still have helped Georgia and presidential contest. In his 1996 last Democrat to win, Georgia was Bill, Clinton, 92 history on their side, but Democrats also have to look at the margins. David Perdue won the senate race by 8 points in 2014. Donald Trump won by Five Points in 2016: Brian Kemp, the governor one by one and a half points last year, so that net margins Getting Thinner and thinner and thinner for republicans watching this means you check that are channel. So thank you now. Do me a favor to subscribe by clicking that button down there click on any of the videos to watch tired of content that you don’t know anything about where it came from. You don’t have to have that problem of us NBC News, MSNBC MTP in the Meet the Press mindset right here for you on YouTube, subscribe now.
Atlanta-Journal Constitution reporter Greg Bluestein says while “a dozen or so” names are in the mix, the race to replace Sen. Johnny Isakson (R-Ga.) is “completely up in the air.”
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Stacey Abrams Is ‘The Queenmaker’ Of Georgia Democratic Politics | MTP Daily | MSNBC

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