Stacey Abrams of Georgia to give Democrats’ response to the State of the Union

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Stacey Abrams of Georgia to give Democrats’ response to the State of the Union
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Stacey Abrams of Georgia to give Democrats’ response to the State of the Union
Former Georgia, gubernatorial candidate, Stacey Abrams, will deliver the Democrats rebuttal to the State of the Union tonight from Atlanta Mega. Oliver is there with more Meg Abrams is known as the voice and future of the Democratic Party delivering the State of the Union. Response has been known to bring down up and comers on both sides of the aisle seen across the nation, one that immortalized Senator Marco Rubio’s 2013 state of the union response. I need water help me. I need water, but at least Senator Rubio is still in office. The curse that inflicted other responds givers and happy Mardi Gras play more devastating. Former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal was once hailed as a rising star of the Republican party before being dragged through the mud for his 2009 rebuttal on late night TV can we have candy for dinner, eventually ran for president in 2016, but its campaign really took off in 2011, Congressman Paul Ryan deliver the response on Congressman Paul Ryan from Janesville Wisconsin. Just over a year later, he was tapped to be Mitt Romney’s running mate for an unsuccessful White House bid and said farewell to Congress as Speaker last year. The state of our Union is hopeful and enduring last year Democratic State of the Union response to President Trump, but it was a curious substance on his lips that still remembered a little bit late on the Chapstick this morning, thanks, let’s bring back at antjuan, seawright and Caitlin huey-burns, we’re also joined by Gabe, debenedetti and Linda Tran gave is a national correspondent for New York Magazine Linda is a cbs.n political contributor democratic, whether she’s trying to run for Senate or the Democratic party of what president not enough time to prepare that. But, most importantly, if you look back at all these other people who have so-called dealt with this cursed, really what people don’t like is the stylistic points you’re. So she just has to give a good speech, and I think she’ll do that rooms is a new name, but she’s been politically active for some time that she found the clip of her speaking at the 30th anniversary of the March on Washington in 1993. This is when she was 19 years old. Take a look at the young woman as young black woman to ask you to use us use the young people of the United States of America to pave a road that will last forever pave a road that will, let us become the footsoldiers. How to do this again for our children, we asked you to let us come forth with you, not behind you not in front of you, but together on that road to jobs, Justice and peace. It says it that name there. If you know C-SPAN spelled her first name wrong: it’s sea Stacey, but Linda you know, you heard what she had to say back. Then it’s really interesting to see her. I believe she was a junior at Spelman College when she made those remarks. What is it that she needs to say right now, though, in the moment that were in in 2019 and who’s her audience? First off, let me just say, like a fine wine she’s only gotten better with age, and she is known for being powerful at the microphone and part of the dynamic tonight is always going to be challenging. You know you’re Peter following up the president, who gets to speak in front of this audience. We don’t know if she’s going to do something like Joe Kennedy did last year to try and get some of that energy. But in terms of message is she is demonstrating exact, polar opposite of hope. You know in the way she looks in her age and her approach to the world, and if we take any cues from her campaign message, it’s going to be about Unity. It’S going to be about ordinary everyday people being able to get ahead also going to be about policies, help all Americans that a particular help, those who been marginalized and disadvantaged over the years her career and, of course, we know – Georgia came down to maybe $ 54,000 Or something along those lines – and there was a lot of controversy about some of the voting irregularities – is also going to deliver his own response. What message does that send that you’re shaking your head, that, let me start with? U Caitlin will Sanders, has given his own responses the past couple of years, so it’s nothing new that he’s trying to do here and he technically is still an independent. He hasn’t officially join the Democratic party, but I think tonight and if Democrats do want to focus on Stacey Abrams cuz. They think that she is representative of the party right now, and it’s really interesting Democrats Elevate her because there has been talked a lot about people like Beto, O’Rourke and others who lost their elections. They have been talked about as potential 2020 candidates and there has been some concern within the party. Why aren’t we talking about a Stacey Abrams as well in that same on that same level? So I think Democrats to really want to focus on on Abrams tonight so and the fact that Senator Kamala Harris is also going to be giving remarks prior to the State of the Union. Well, what’s your take on that? But what purpose does that actually serve in her own right is actually her candidacy, for president is part of the reason why she’s probably give her remarks, but as a and someone who’s fought tooth-and-nail with Donald Trump a long way, I feel I don’t feel like this Is a slap in the face to stay savings, however, on the flip side, Bernie Sanders an independent Democratic Party. The reason why Schumer and Pelosi chose Stacey she represents where we are, and she also represents the most loyal voting block and I’ll party election after election. Black women have proven themselves to be the thing that get us across the finish line and see what I see from Bernie Sanders. By the way, it’s consistently had an African American problem, but I see from him is really him digging himself a deeper hole, as he prepares himself to possibly run for president in 2020 and when he comes in South Carolina. Imagine what African-American women are going to say when, for the first time ever, we have a black woman that deliver near response and what I called the fierce urgency of now moment that our country is facing is going to give. Since you have Democrats starting to declare their bids for office, does that change anything in the way that the president actually delivers? The address happens every 4 years or so there’s almost always a senator from the opposing party running. Obviously that didn’t happen with the President Obama. In his second term, but the point being here that it’s going to be, we’ve heard all the preview saying he’s going to call for bipartisanship and the put it into Political bickering. Let’S just say: that’s completely laughable, but yes, it’s going to be uncomfortable and I wouldn’t be surprised at the cameras Linger on these folks, a little bit more, whether it’s the Senators are the members of Congress, but he’s not going to call them out in person if To say that what this president Donald Trump can control., I think he’s proven that over time, we’ll see if he does go off, script may present to the world and be ready to fact-check them very, very quickly.. I think we’ve seen some of the leak briefings and whatnot show that he’s certainly going to talk about immigration, among other things, and so all of the democratic candidates that have already declared or are weighing the options are going to want to have their statements ready on All those things to discuss later tonight,
A panel of political experts joins CBSN’s “Red & Blue” to talk about how the Democrats plan to approach their response to President Trump’s State of the Union address.

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