Stalker horror heading for THIS Coronation Street resident tonight | by Amazing UK

Stalker horror heading for THIS Coronation Street resident tonight | by Amazing UK
There’S danger heading for Coronation Street tonight: ashona Ramsay discover is being targeted by a stalker Coronation Street and it turns out that the Intruder was. Actually, there is scarce shown if I filming her when she was sleeping soon is terrified when Clayton reveals being filmed and tonight’s first Coronation Street installment, and she instantly knows that this is somehow connected to her son Clayton goes to see Clayton in prison tonight. She is shocked when he admits that the prison boys who have been targeting him inside were behind the nighttime film and that if she doesn’t help him soon, the thugs will soon be doing worse than just breaking into her house. But when Shonna is cornered by two men in The Barbers tonight, she is left touring when they make unreasonable demands. Asking with her given to Clayton’s demands. Until the end of last week shown, I had been keeping the trouble with Clayton a secret from David and his family, worried about what they might think, given her sons, connection to Kylie’s death back in 2016. However, call me with Clayton is revealed tonight when Nick tilsley walks in to find Shona with adachi man and demands to know what is going on by tonight. Second episode Nick gets closer to working out what is going on with Clayton after he found him Shona, and it intrigued to see her take a parcel from stuck in the middle of the street when he confronts her and asks what she is up to will shown To tell Nick everything Nick lost his temper with Shona last week, up until now, Nick hasn’t agreed with Shona helping her son and thinks that she is betraying David by visiting Clayton in jail shock. Twist connect me the one who helps you in a defeat these dangerous man, or is this just a start of a long and dangerous storyline for the Coronation Street on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 7:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. TV picture credit Shutterstock all other side,
► Stalker horror heading for THIS Coronation Street resident tonight | by Amazing UK
► There’s danger heading for Coronation Street tonight as Shona Ramsey discovers she’s being targeted …
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