Stan Lee on how he created Spider-Man – BBC News

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Stan Lee on how he created Spider-Man – BBC News
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Stan Lee on how he created Spider-Man – BBC News
I was sitting thinking of trying to think of an idea and I saw a fly crawling on a wall and I thought Jeep. Wouldn’T it be something if, if we had a hero who could crawl on walls like a flight, so I said yeah, that’s great, then I need a name. So I thought fly man that didn’t sound, dramatic enough insect man. No and I went down a list and then I got the Spider-Man and somehow Spider-Man it sounded a little scary. It sounded impressive Spider-Man. I wanted him to beat Spider-Man to be a teenager, but I make him a different kind. You wouldn’t be a sidekick, he would be the hero and again to make him empathetic with the with the readers I figured. I would let him be not that good-looking, not that successful with girls. He doesn’t have a lot of money. He bet he doesn’t have enough money he’s an orphaned who lives with his aunt and uncle. I thought that would make him relatable to a lot of kids.
American writer Stan Lee has died at the age of 95.

Speaking in 2012, the man behind many of Marvel Comics’ famous superheroes explained what he looked for in one of his most iconic characters.

By 2017 he would find himself doing Spider-Man’s signature “web-slinging” move on the Hollywood red carpet.

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