States plan legal action against Trump’s new immigration plan

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States plan legal action against Trump’s new immigration plan
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States plan legal action against Trump’s new immigration plan
States plan legal action against Trump’s new immigration plan
Breaking news: several states are expected to take legal action as early as this upcoming week over the Trump administration’s plan to roll back the show called Flores agreement. This move would allow immigration authorities to detail a detained. Children indefinitely join me right now is Mark Morgan acting border patrol Chief and Market is great to have you on the program this morning, commissioner, and why pornstar that we’re going to indefinitely whole children? That’S absolutely false. It’S a game-changer currently right now in the Flores settlement agreement. The law all right now is: we cannot hold kids more than 20 days or families, and what that we cannot fulfill the immigration process within 20 days. So the essence, what’s that led to is the significant part of what we refer to as catch and release, and we talked about that before now. You come here is a family. A kid. Is your passport in the United States we’re releasing you right now, the new Flores regulation changes that that’s. Why it’s a game-changer. With this new regulation, we can hold families together and a healthy, safe and Bar why they go through the immigration proceedings. And then, if there are claims, are merit-based claimed that we were least if they’re Merrill is going to be sent back to their country. But we’re only going to hold them as long as it takes for the immigration process and history show in 60 days it’s a not indefinite, that’s just a false narrative. Somebody comes illegally. The first thing that they want to do is they want to get caught right? They want you to catch them because they know you can eat. You don’t have the time the process by processing these people. It takes more than 20 days, so you’ve got a catch and release them. Northern triangle country, radio, ad they’re, educated them just that grab your kid. It’S a passport in the country right now a couple days you will listen to turn Siri, not just ate this, for is reg plus a couple. Things were doing with the government Mexico. This portion of catch-and-release will end okay for the processing to take place. The detention centers that you’re talking about that could take 40 to 60 days. While the process to go see you got medical facilities, you’ve got what I’m glad you think it’s important the family residential centers, which will these families will be at their camp setting tomorrow, how the litigation actually starts. With a pointed and the the judge judge G, along with the government, to argue with what is in the floors rag to make sure that that needs the Flores settlement issues within that we believe the rig Natalie meet actually exceed the conditions and requirements of the Flores Settlement agreement, but it will be litigated, they accepted how many people has accepted so far. What that means. I think this is important. It’S due to This president’s negotiation went with our partners and Mexico in the northern triangle countries as long as this administration’s initiative. Right now, under the protection protocol, there are over 35,000 in Angels waiting in Mexico now to go through this island process, and those are 35,000 people that would either been in our holding facilities are released into the United States and it’s another game, changer critical condition. Right now, at Children’s Hospital in Corpus, Christi very quickly, what’s the story of a tragic story? Early morning, Thursday, her and 6 month old baby girl, father along with 21 other people, were caught illegally, try the country immediately. They were medically screen understood she had a congenital, a disease that they shot in abundance of caution that go ahead and consider the local hospital which they did. The hospital decided to fly that baby. Chris Christie hospital for further evaluation at we’ve, driven a father with her and Italia in any’s with her still now – and this is another example of why the floors Regular Show important. We wanted D incentivize people from grabbing your kid and risking their own children’s lives. Taking this dangerous track with this new regulation, we’re going to be incentivised, this behavior and hopefully for the risk of life, their own partnership with the United States this week right, the family come to Home Country for central nervous, very quickly, sir General crisis and working with Us as partners, thank you so much for joining us a lot they are too I digest. Mark Morgan is joining
Several states prepare to legally challenge the Trump administration’s plan to detain migrants ‘indefinitely’; Mark Morgan weighs in.

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