States sue to block distribution of 3D-printed gun blueprints

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States sue to block distribution of 3D-printed gun blueprints
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more than two dozen states are still working to block the release of 3D printed gun blueprints at least eight states and the District of Columbia are suing the Trump Administration for allowing a Texas company to resume distribution of the blueprints as early as tomorrow more than 20 State Attorneys General have asked the state department to intervene the company behind the blueprints argues is protected by freedom of speech and its meet this morning president Trump said he’s looking into the issue and that he already spoke to the NRA Tony dokoupil has what’s next in this legal debate blueprints for 3D did guns on the internet would make the lethal weapons available to virtually any one the Trump Administration in April the federal government settle the lawsuit with the nonprofit defense distributed allowing the company to publish digital schematics for 3D printed guns in a statement to CVS the state department says the decision to settle case was made in the interest of the security and foreign policy of the United States almost without exception the people have a right to to this kind of data regarding anything a single-shot handgun made almost entirely of 3D printed plastic on August first blueprints for guns ranging from The Liberator to an AR-15 style assault rifle will be available for download from defense distributed for free cannot regulate the digital material of guns anymore it’s out there that don’t have serial numbers and are therefore on traceable and required no background checks that’s something Ferguson warns is a threat to National Security the end of gun control like I think it is an inessential sent that Tony dokoupil is in a gun store in Austin Texas guns let me just set up the big picture for you first then we can walk through the arguments on on both sides this I take most people will recognize it’s an AR-15 style rifle it’s for sale here at Central just got to work for about $600 computer-controlled milling machine at home that means no background check that means number is not traceable this to work requires digital files Blueprints and this machine is similar to the 3D printers which also required digital files and blueprints it’s those files falling in the wrong hands some gun safety Advocates worrying this could be really really dangerous not a counter argument the argument for allowing these files to be published online to be freely disseminated for sales of these machines and 3D printing of of guns at plastic the case for all that happening is look the Second Amendment is an absolute right we can bear arms in this country that can’t be taken away this is essentially an insurance policy against some sort of regime in the future that would try to reach French take guns out of people’s hand uncontrollable technology that’s what people who believe in it argue if this exists gun can never be regulated out of existence this in essence if you if you believe technology is the death of gun control as we know it so that’s the case for the case against is being made by these attorney general and they’re saying okay well well well you can have the Second Amendment and you can also have some common sense precautions to avoid having machines like this and weapons like that get into the hands of people who have no business with a gun terrorists mentally ill people and there are cases in recent years of people finger own rifles and guns at home and then having shootouts with police killing people killing themselves killing others so there are real steaks are there real lives at stake metal detectors so I imagine he’s the source of guns that you can take places that you wouldn’t be able to sneak another gun into button but here’s the thing Tony These Blueprints have already been downloaded there already out there circulating so what’s the next legal battle for those who opposed the release of these boyfriends are out there and they’re circulating but to Wolfforth all we should we should differentiate between a milling machine like this which works with metal parts that are they come partially finish and then are completed by by the machine a 3D printer uses of the hard plastic to build a gun completely at a plastic and you’re right that would be largely undetectable by a metal detector the blueprints are online that is true however they are not widely really really easy to get them to get the technology in your house and to start pressing buttons and making guns Cody Wilson and his company defense distributed they help bridge the gap for the uninitiated person and this text he makes it easier makes it more open makes it more available and until a person who doesn’t have a lot of technological Savvy isn’t very capable of navigating the dark web or hidden corners of the internet where the stuff is out there it’s a free-for-all for them that that is that is why these lawsuits are going forward now how enforceable the lawsuits are for example Pennsylvania already has a judge that has said look even if These Blueprints go online on Wednesday people in the state of Pennsylvania to be able to access them and defense distributed it is saying okay if you have an IP address from Pennsylvania so you can’t download the gun but you know there are ways around IP addresses so enforcing these these attempts to to block publication of the gun Blueprints and not clear how it can really be done Cody Wilson in his company office is not far from here has a tombstone and he’s tweeted a picture of this and on the tombstone it says Americans gun so I think the message is pretty clear from his point of view this technology freely available is the death of gun regulation as we know it very interesting alright thank you so much
At least 8 states and the District of Columbia are suing the Trump administration and a Texas company in an attempt to block its distribution of blueprints for 3D gun printing. In a tweet this morning, President Trump said he was looking into the issue. CBS News correspondent Tony Dokoupil joined CBSN with what’s next in this legal battle.

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