Stay granted in Toronto council-cutting case

all right breaking news from Ontario Court of Appeals were panel of Judges ruled in the province’s favored in the ongoing battle over the size of Toronto City Council the three-judge panel with Ontario’s highest court has stayed a lower court decision striking down that’s the bill that cuts Toronto City Council from 47 seats 225 the ruling means City of Toronto staff will now begin prepping for a 25 seat election that election by the way is just over four weeks away October 22nd for some analysis now I’m doing by Steven D’Agostino he’s a municipal lawyer and a partner at Thompson Rogers good morning thanks for being with us at your thoughts on the Court’s decision to Grant to stay in the ruling at the Practical effect of this is that the election system because it’ll be impossible for an appeal to be heard on not judge position huge victory for the Providence what is this me now for Toronto City Council can they take any more action do they have any more options we argued might be academic at the time that the election full of occurred and will have 25 new counselors reporting that he will not so you said I was standing Clause if I stayed which of course is what happened this morning in clause in this scenario something trivial but in the scheme of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms it is trivial that you know one would wonder what they would do that for next so I think it’s a good thing that there it’s the lawyer and partner Thompson Rodgers thank you appreciate you being with us
Lawyer Stephen D’Agostino on the next steps after an Ont. court granted a stay in the Toronto council-cutting case.

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