Steelers, T.J. Watt explain how Pittsburgh put pressure on Cam Newton in the victory | SC with SVP

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Steelers, T.J. Watt explain how Pittsburgh put pressure on Cam Newton in the victory | SC with SVP
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Steelers, T.J. Watt explain how Pittsburgh put pressure on Cam Newton in the victory | SC with SVP
And TJ we had your brother on after Houston, won the Thursday night game and Bill O’Brien said the best words, and football will see you Monday. What did what did Coach Tomlin? Give you guys after this one we’re all pretty happy about that unheard-of. It’S rare that an NFL game turns this drastically. All the sudden you guys are leaving 24/7. What was the sense that you guys had as a team that this game had change that drastically? I we just weren’t happy with the way that first drive went. We knew there great running football team. They were the second highest scoring football team in the NFL, so just had a bad taste in mouth. After that, first drive-in went out and got a turnover in the second drive and was able to go up and get another touchdown, and then our offense is going to take over and was able to get them behind the ball in made them have to throw the Ball, we don’t have to honor the run as much as we did early on. We were having a conversation as we’re watching this game tonight. It feels like the two toughest quarterbacks in the league to get on the ground, we’re playing each other in this. When you have to deal with trying to tackle Roethlisberger, but what’s the Ossipee of trying to get Cam Newton down on the ground, you guys did it five times. But what’s the approach yeah, it’s tough, he’s a big guy and he’s a guy for his size and he’s a great athlete of the thing for us, as we were just able to keep me in the pocket anytime, you get him parking is able to a stiff Arms and do his Juke moves he’s a lot. More is a lot more dangerous. We have to keep in the pocket in a little bit easier to getting down tonight. To let you pick a word for me that describes your defense the first month of the season. He says the first month potential that I would like to go with just because we knew we knew how long we were capable of. It was just a matter of going out there and doing it so okay, so you had potential that what has allowed you to feel fill it and become what you guys are now defensively cuz, it’s much different confidence, just just being able to play off of each Other in, as the weeks go on will allow few of your points were growing confidence. We’Re getting better as a unit. I can wait, you guys took, will see you Wednesday we going to do. I don’t know I might go home cuz I’ll. Do we’ll see on a big way tonight preciate you.. Thank you very much. Take care.
T.J. Watt joins Scott Van Pelt after the Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Carolina Panthers 52-21 on Thursday Night Football. T.J. Watt says after the Panthers scored on the opening drive, Pittsburgh was motivated to crank up the defense. On the next drive, Vince Williams intercepted Cam Newton for a touchdown. Watt is excited for the Steelers to have off until Wednesday after the big victory.

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