Steph Curry on Game 5 loss: Warriors ‘lack of intensity came back to bite us’ | 2019 NBA Playoffs

Steph Curry on Game 5 loss: Warriors ‘lack of intensity came back to bite us’ | 2019 NBA Playoffs
Steph Curry on Game 5 loss: Warriors ‘lack of intensity came back to bite us’ | 2019 NBA Playoffs
Stop jet from the word Journal, how do you feel about a teen? How do you feel about the way you defended? Do numbers don’t lie so matter of our intensity or our lack of intensity start the game kind of came back to bite us. They had confidence. All all throughout their the rotation early and make that off that in the second half, so he is obviously an X Factor for them and a main catalyst in terms of momentum swings cuz. He can get going and yo really quick, so Sky do a better job to start another game on Friday, and we know we can do it. The closeout game and they’re always difficult, no matter who you’re playing in the first quarter. Everybody seemed like they have nothing to lose and was just far enough from all over the place and we have braids how’s the transition didn’t box out. Well, so they had plenty of extra possessions and you know that., Just anybody, confidence and you see the ball going in early in the game. It’S one of those nights that we got to erase my memory, quit Tim kawakami, athletic staff. How much of this do you put on yourself? Just the does the urgency, the intensity. The focus is as a leader of the it’s his fault for the defense to feel generally than that, it’s there’s some responsibility on your shoulders for sure. Take the good with the bad when we’re playing well and winning a light, shines bright, same thing on the opposite and you kind of take it on the chin removing so I know we had your hosted in the series tonight and and kind of Turn the Page. The next one, but this is Jerry’s, will be a little different. We got to understand. I Think I Can Shed individually all throughout the the other roster. When you have your step. Foot on the floor, lay it all out there again. This is a very difficult thing to do is to win a playoff game and it takes 40 minutes of intense Focus for sure after the game overlook this game 5 than not at all the Clippers play well tonight, then, we understood exactly been in the situation. Plenty of times we know how hard is to close the series out and then it a day as bad as you play in the first we’re up one with 2 and 1/2 minutes left. So we called our way back and gave us a chance to win. They just made shots down the stretch, and you got to look at yourself in the mirror hold on team accountable for how we started the game and got to do a better job of that. What type of team playoff team is the Clippers to you guys to play 1 and 8 or 2 and 7 before, but this particular act? What how would you describe them all over the floor? They got guys, I can knock down shots and then their Bench been talked about all year with with mantras and and Lube ring course. They bring soda nighty night out, like just understanding your what their strengths are, and we have to take those away best. We can and the games that we won. We’Ve done that in the games we lost, we haven’t, you think about, is pretty straightforward. Take those two guys out the best you can fly around, make it difficult on the other guys and the offensive in the alternate defensive intensity and two offensive kind of you as well. For us and we’re this game started again, offensive, rebounds extra possessions and there’s no life and everything that we were doing and they took advantage of it play NBC Sports Bay Area on last year. You guys came into the postseason and the defense pick right up. I think you guys went number 1 in defense in the postseason this year. There was some intensity issues over the course of the regular season, maybe more at home, and I lost two or three at home to open the Posies. Are you surprised or shocked me? How do you feel about this? I could just the way you got your start in the postseason surprised, not where I used to, but there’s no Panic at all to realize that you know this year is different and there’s different challenges, whether it’s human nature, whether it’s Talent, a competition with plan. It’S the way that leaves change different lineups out there, like everything’s different. You have to adapt to our message to each other you’re going in the game. Sixes yeah we have loved to come Forrest. Rader close it out tonight doesn’t change what the goal is goal is to win four games, move on to the next series and started all over again and as much as we hate this feeling. We have leaving the court until tonight after game 5. Like that, the goal is still the same song over again resiliency. We talked about that all the time. You should be there on Friday, Dominican of Maine guys a little bit tonight. Ozzy Kevin played over 40, but you play 38 and you and Draymond against at what? For 4 and 1/2 of the first in the in the fourth quarter, could you up that many car? Are you ready prepared to go over 40, 42, 44 minutes in a Monumental game here? Definitely, if that’s you know what we need to do and deeper you get in the series you have to adjust and understand what was necessary to get that that that dog, the clothes out of Series so yeah whatever that means for game 5, NBA game 6. On Friday, however, many minutes we need to play with play and we’ll go, get the win and get it and keep it moving. Last, one far right-hand side run has scored 33 and 45. The last three games, when you see something in his eyes early about the way he plays that makes you feel early on he’s going to have one of those games. Take advantage of he’s been quite amazing, so trying to balance that, with our normal kind of Ball. Moving at things that gets everybody involved with in the day, great players great, plays in any sense of the moment more times and not and he’s been taking advantage of it. So it was a performance like it had tonight that you wish. I had a total team. Defense would have been better to have that help us load anymore, but yeah. It’S just him being aggressive and taking his shots, taken it and get into a spot sand and have him conference.
Steph Curry calls out the Golden State Warriors lack of intensity as why the team fell to the Los Angeles Clippers in Game 5, which saw Lou Williams score 33 points. Curry adds the Warriors are going to take this loss on the chin and push their focus to closing out the series in Game 6. Curry states that the reason for this loss was not because they were looking ahead to the Houston Rockets, and praises the Clippers performance.

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