Stephen A.: Durant playing with Steph Curry totally different than playing with LeBron | Get Up!

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Stephen A.: Durant playing with Steph Curry totally different than playing with LeBron | Get Up!
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Stephen A.: Durant playing with Steph Curry totally different than playing with LeBron | Get Up!
He said if you’re a marginal mid-level player like a tile Kyle Korver, who would never be in a number one option, but he’s a great shooter, obviously you’re going to be somebody that benefits from the presence of LeBron James. Who has the ball in his hands? He’S the ultimate decision-maker as well, but if you are a Woodstock and you believe that you worthy of number one status and number one stature, not only playing with LeBron, do you have to sit there and look at the ball being his hands. But you also have to play the role of spectator sitting around waiting for him to make those bath and, if you’re an elite player you might not want to do that and I’m saying for my basketball perspective factually tell me what is wrong with that, but didn’t Kg do exactly that by going to play with because because it’s entirely different playing with Steph Elite shooter. But if you look Draymond handling the ball. Sometimes that is handling the both of us visit Myriad of individuals of individuals who are handling the basketball movement, vgod playing the role of spectator sport with LeBron. That might be different and it’s nothing wrong with it because he’s the best in the world and he’s a great decision-maker. But if you’re in the elite player, you may not want to play that role, KD and Westbrook when they were together. Those two guys predominately handle the ball and they predominately did everything for their team. D-Wade succeeded with LeBron James step on the floor. If he’s next to KD KDs going to have to play second fiddle, and not everybody wants to do that. Nobody wants to play second fiddle. If Michael Jordan would have been with anybody else, they would have been playing second fiddle right in that not everybody can beat Pippin everybody have that mindset, what the reason why they would have to do. It is because he is better than all the boy he’s the best Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant and LeBron James. From this perspective, their professional score was give me the ball I’ll finish the job I will close. That’S not always LeBron LeBron high school as a result, LeBron being a basketball men’s mismatches to create he’s the kind of person that will sit up and set up a situation that will best facilitate things for the team, Jimmy Butler or Kawhi Leonard need to handle the Ball and you don’t think he knows how to adjust. We were all that texting and we were all very confused. What that’s what you want? You guys want to make me the villains. You guys want to say that I need to be traded. That’S what it is. I’M the problem here, that’s why he wanted to leave once he found out that he was on the train once again, you being disingenuous catch you in it because you’re talking about shot, I mention nothing about shot. He can run a team. He wanted to prove that he could be a playmaker because it was already established that he was asked, or you know that as a fact, we are being able to do that. If you’re somebody, you can’t be number one with LeBron somewhere else, which is why you would want to play somewhere else say that is toxic to say that it’s active Wade and Chris Bosh was that toxic, because they got so much to tell you.. You can’t compare having all of that media attention and Fanboys in the internet and other you can’t say that some people might not want to play because it’s a toxic environment again, I’m not focusing on what to focus on that. For the purposes of this conversation, Q. What I’m saying to you is that Kevin Durant is looking at the discrepancy when you were in Miami with D Wade, D, Wade and brace. She was a big brother. Y’All were family, you know, if you look at it off the situation with Kevin Durant. Let’S take his employees talk about LeBron right now, he’s use it, he views and I don’t think it’s accurate, but he uses LeBron being such here media for a different view of Michael Jordan. Literally, had a book called The Jordan rules, the rules are different when you are the best, if you want the best for a long. Of time, for the rules don’t apply because the Jordan rules circle of Jordan, I Believe LeBron is more than enough analysis of playing With LeBron, how some people benefit, others might not is spot-on, and I had a problem with. You is because I’m looking at a tourism and tell them to excuse me one of the top three players on the planet Earth did not flip it. He explained from a basketball perspective and I challenge anybody that knows what he said about that
Stephen A. Smith and Richard Jefferson debate whether Kevin Durant was in the right for making the comment that playing basketball with LeBron James is a “toxic” environment. Stephen A. agrees with Kevin Durant, but Richard Jefferson feels differently.

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