Stephen A. is convinced Kyler Murray can be elite with the Cardinals | First Take

Stephen A. is convinced Kyler Murray can be elite with the Cardinals | First Take
Stephen A. is convinced Kyler Murray can be elite with the Cardinals | First Take
Are you convinced, Kyler Murray can be an elite quarterback still, not convinced? I think it’s possible, but if you ask me to to Bass like food to put the odds on it and it leaked quarterback, was that mean top 5 top 10? Something like that? Top five top five quarterback, I would say, thunder 50/50. You can be a real good quarterback for a long time and not be a lie. You can win a Superbowl and not be a week, but even can he be a winning quarterback wins and I don’t know I saw instances specially late in that game that we’re encouraging they kept playing. Am I convinced that he’ll be like good be the best ever goal is to be the best ever usually that’s not the way it works. I would say to you: I think that you know my answer to that would be. Yes, I’m convinced that he could be an elite quarterback and I’m and I’m laughing Max, because it goes against everything that you were saying about. The camp Cam Newton argument. In other words, you know it’s not just about it’s about other – can make all the requisite throws. All right, he certainly can scramble he can make things happen with his feet. I have questions about a tight in the pocket throwing over opposing defenses having a clear view or the field. I got news for you also. I think that already in his career he’s got a head start in terms of his ability to throw the football over Lamar Jackson last week, but last year, Lamar Jackson running with the football. Even though we’ve seen playing the football we know he can fling it. We know he can run with it. The question is: when you have, you know, Giants at least in his odd coming at him. Can you see over them or get around them in order to flick the football and open-space eventually do that believer in Kliff, Kingsbury cuz? So much of how quarterback quarterback develop is dependent upon depended upon coaching. You look at Patrick Mahomes. You look at Tom Brady successful because they develop that we felt they going to a situation and they flounder, because the system or the coast in place wasn’t good enough to really harness or bring out the best in these quarterbacks. We talked about Texas Tech, illusion record Texas, Tech football league. I take one position on cam another position here, there’s a big difference. I’Ve seen cam going on an NFL MVP to the Superbowl. I think, maybe especially late in that game. You saw some stuff. Another word conversation expanded Beyond Cam Newton and we started critiquing. What criteria is when we were back and I’m saying if you’re making the argument that is not just about throwing a football. It’S about winning your job number one job is to win at all costs. Any which way you can. I’M saying is give me that I think he has we’ll see what Kingsbury is able to do for that. But if you’re talkin about just a winning pedigree, any of that size is a factor in putting that all together a situation stuff for a long. Time. Some of the shorter guys beat to go out and be successful. Four more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus
Stephen A. Smith says Kyler Murray has the tools to be an elite NFL quarterback for the Arizona Cardinals, but Max Kellerman is not convinced.
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