Stephen A. isn’t fazed by OBJ’s watch: We’ve seen everything but winning! | First Take

Stephen A. isn’t fazed by OBJ’s watch: We’ve seen everything but winning! | First Take
Stephen A. isn’t fazed by OBJ’s watch: We’ve seen everything but winning! | First Take
Fling before the ring, that’s what it said to me you’re, the top said. I mean it’s, nothing, serious, it’s not against NFL rules to actually wear jewelry. You just can’t wear. I believe correct me. If I’m wrong mortgage can’t wear anything sharp or something like that, because you change, which is still considered a hard item, so it’s it’s, it’s really a Ariana NFL doesn’t really have a clear Lionel to be alright. The watch has about 250 K. We we get all that you said I’m saying, but the only thing that made me laugh about it that I listen. I have no clue without corrected. All I can tell you is what I see in all my years of watching NFL. I’Ve never seen a receiver catch a pass and something shiny was on his wrist. Didn’T do anything wrong. I’M just saying that it’s just further Evidence. You know cats trying to step out do little things together, more more attention and they but win some points. Freddy Moore’s, on Sunday, when I watch Randy Moss on Sunday talkin about antoniobrown he’s like I see all these headlines, not handle your business, go out there and bought and when that’s what he said, God damn ball and when I know I will is a superstar Talent Max we all know that you say that more than anybody all right go to Cleveland and handle your business once again, there’s another headline generated by somebody on Cleveland going to do with anything, but with it and biting the bed can at the Cleveland, Indians game. We see Freddie kitchens and his stomach, even though I ain’t want to talk. We’Ve seen other players step up and blow the eights about what they going to do. We’Ve seen everything but win it. All I’m saying is wearing anything. It’S no big deal nothing about Odell. The fact that he wore the watch look who won the US Open, but that’s not a full contact sport. It’S not against the rules. Can I make my teeth in sorry? Sorry. I couldn’t control myself, but that’s the point. It’S not the same situation. You can’t say bling before the ring, cuz the bling and want to Championship right, but it’s a one-on-one sport there’s no one else, relying on you and I that would be a big deal either, except it’s against the rules with him wearing the watch and then once Identified as you can’t do that with Odell Beckham jr., he then tweeted. If it ain’t one thing it’s another hold on Odell, you violated a rule. It’S no big deal in those making a big deal out of it. So now you take it off no problem and guys like me, watch and now you’re is identify this as against the rules and the simple things take it off done. Why must there diners? That is not pegged to watch the common if it ain’t one thing it’s another, but what are we supposed to think when this happened? Can you make that comment? Just stop, I’m so disappointed I and it’s because you not looking at what this is what this is now with venturing and territory, and you can correct me if I’m wrong or tell me how outlandish this is. I love obj. This is at LSU what he does, but this particular situation. The fame in The Branding is becoming too prevalent in his career, and I say that to say this: everybody will not have opportunities. Odell Beckham got $ 25 from Nike unprecedented amount of money for a football player because of his brand because of things he’s done. I’M sure that this had something to do with them, relationship with Odell, Beckham Junior for sure. The issue that I have with this is something that we’re talkin about other than the game, and that seems to continue the be the narrative with obj on a situation that come behind that. So it’s not necessarily about the watch. It’S really about obj his branding his Fame and is starting to take effect and what he’s trying to do on the field and, if you not playing at that top 10. These are the type of conversations people are going to start to have just like when they took the cruise before the playoffs different. You might have elaborated more extensively, but that’s basically staying with the blade before the wreck. I don’t mean literally the, but I’m just using that metaphorically, because I’m saying headline attention-grabbing actually winning and I don’t don’t come at me back like I’m sitting here – losing sleep over the damn thing. You ask me a question. I gave you an answer question about winning. For me, it’s not about winning. For me, it’s about obj opening himself up to this conversation be sure to download the ESPN app and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN, Plus
Stephen A. Smith is more concerned about the Cleveland Browns living up to the hype than Odell Beckham Jr.’s controversial watch. #FirstTake #NFL
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