Stephen A.: Jason Kidd will be the Lakers head coach in 2 years | SportsCenter

Stephen A.: Jason Kidd will be the Lakers head coach in 2 years | SportsCenter
Stephen A.: Jason Kidd will be the Lakers head coach in 2 years | SportsCenter
Joy Now by Stephen, A Smith, make no mistake about it: coach 10 years in Indiana to five of the last six years he made the postseason included four straight years and two consecutive trip to the Eastern Conference Finals. The man can’t coach, but it’s not about that. He’S not a name with sizzling. We all get that for his the biggest she’s not going to be able to sell him because he’s not expected to be the coach long-term for the Los Angeles Lakers, there’s a reason why, whether it was Monty Williams was it was Ty Lue or anybody else. The caveat was that you had to it Jason Kidd on your squad. As a developmental coach, it was incredibly imperative to the Los Angeles Lakers that this took place where comfortable past 1 involve domestic violence. Iver Seattle ended up in the divorce or there was a driving while intoxicated charge that he had to deal with his wealth, not to mention the fact that whether it was in Brooklyn on Milwaukee, he gave the impression that he more than just head coach and responsibilities. He wanted to run the show, and so as a result of that, it was a struggle for him to get back into the league in a head coaching spots, but for right now Frank Vogel is the safe pick with Jason Kidd on his back. You can expect Jason Kidd to be the next head coach for the Los Angeles Lakers with everything you said, over-the-shoulder the head coach. I can tell you right now or somebody like that, you’re, ultimately, coaching back in the NBA you’re, making 5 million for year. I’M telling you right now: it’s beautiful to work for ESPN about it a lot the Lakers are giving him and then, in the case of Jason, Kidd, keep in mind. This is another reason why you know: JC kids is ultimately going to be the head coach he’s still old, almost 10 million dollars by the Milwaukee Bucks. So why take a job with the Lakers as an assistant which ain’t going to be paying you some kind of place where you know you’re not leaving money on the table to come and take an assistant job that you really never wanted? Because you really want to be the head coach, you know you deserve to be the head coach, bad coaching job until you get yourself back in the league and position yourself to ultimately land that kind of job. So that’s the situation is going on in LA Steven. Naismith on a Saturday night,
Stephen A. Smith says Frank Vogel will only be a placeholder and he expects Jason Kidd to become the Los Angeles Lakers head coach in two years. He also says Vogel took the job knowing he had Jason Kidd as an assistant coach because he didn’t want to be unemployed.
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