Stephen A. puts the Cowboys on upset alert vs. the Redskins | First Take

Stephen A. puts the Cowboys on upset alert vs. the Redskins | First Take
Stephen A. puts the Cowboys on upset alert vs. the Redskins | First Take
Did the Cowboys be on upset alert against Washington early in the season? Elliot Knight is in Full Throttle as of yet, and I think that on that home, turf and NFC East came, I think it’s right. It’S right for the taking for the Dallas Cowboys is not the Dallas Cowboys are not the better team. It’S not that they should have beat the Redskins ain’t going on 60. There’S a few games. They going to win this year, primarily on their own home turf. The few games that they will win before Jay Gruden isn’t ceremoniously removed as head coach of the franchise cuz. He won’t last at this year. Okay, but the bottom line is the Redskins fan standpoint. They’Ve got some Talent on this squad and I think that being on their home turf against Dallas, who isn’t fully in in an inflow. Yet I think this is a game that the Redskins could potentially Steel. I think I agree with you that Dallas isn’t going full-throttle yet and Washington look good. It didn’t win the first half the game last week and therefore it could be a tough game, but I find very little chance of Washington actual when’s this game. First of all, the best case for them Steven A: is there not going to go in 16, the Cowboys would be and was not owing to which Washington would be in the division, doesn’t usually work out. That way, but watches like the Cowboys in recent years, have been a borderline Powerhouse and Washington’s been a borderline, pathetic franchise and holding true this year. Yes to put up a fight against Philadelphia, another Powerhouse, but ultimately they lost. And when you look at that, Ezekiel Elliott didn’t really get his touches and the reason he didn’t was cuz. They have young receiver tremendous upside their number one receiver, still with upside Amari Cooper, don’t forget to three years ago. Is he going to be a top-five? A top three receivers, something like that and then it looked like it was going the other way, and now it’s again how high is Amari Cooper, Ezekiel Elliott, wherever you go on the defense Demarcus Lawrence there, their linebacking Corps is sick. I mean there’s just too much talent and the only question with the cow has been: can they get Dynamic, play-calling enough on offense or have the courage of their convictions to go for it on 4th and 1? If they do, if you know, since they drafted the running back so high and he’s panned out, that’s really the only question Dynamic off as the answer Week. 1 against the divisional rival was yes, but they always kick in recent years and they’re going to win this game will listen Washington Redskins. This is their most fierce rival in the Dallas Cowboys so and it’s their home opener. So you would expect this type of game to be closed, be electric, but I think a couple thing plays are into the Dallas Cowboys he’s going to start work he’s working himself back into football shape, so you would figure that his workload will increase by wearing down At Washington, Redskins defensive front number to the Washington Redskins return from his hold out. That’S going to be going to leave them vulnerable for the Dallas Cowboys pass-rusher, and I expect them to wreak havoc on the Washington Redskins offensive line. All that you got Dak Prescott. You got Zeke Mar you can go on and on with the Stars that the Dallas Cowboys have and they were humming against the Giants in week 1. Are we really counting on Case Keenum to replicate the type of performance that he had against the fill it? He was saying he was outstanding against the Philadelphia Eagles last week, so either Dallas Cowboys to me all the more talented team or the team to me that I feel like they have more stars, more playmaking ability on sounds of football. I think they’ll get the win against Washington. We to you’re probably get to win, but I’m still going to go with him and had a 68-yard touchdown against the Philadelphia Eagles. I’M thinking about on the defense out of all the Josh Norman’s, the dunbar’s of the world and others don’t have a speech to like DeSean Jackson or Amari Cooper is no joke. Obviously Gallup is impressive, but they can definitely run no question but they diverse, and I don’t think that the Deep threat at the home run punch that the Eagles gave to them. I don’t think that’s what’s going to happen to the Redskins on a day like today. I think you methodically beat them down and think this earlier in the season, they’ll be better prepared for that kind of encounter, rather than they would be later on in the season as the season progresses, I’m just giving him a chance. It sounds funny to say because, like not that many months ago was like what are they really have, then then the Cooper trade, the Amari Cooper trade, then that you know that date they bring in a good veteran player, maybe an upgrade over what they had stage. Ask the guy with high upside and with speed, I mean they have a chance to be an elite receiving Corps and they bring back their old separation, but is also somehow always open a chance to do that. It really comes down to how aggressive with the play-calling, even if they aren’t, I mean he’s going to run over these guys see for them. I don’t see how Washington wins. This game will leave for the game he might not play. So you already talk Salon in football on the Dallas Cowboys with Zeke Elliott in the backfield. That’S to me, that’s a recipe for disaster in this type of game. Espn on YouTube for more sports highlights and Analysis be sure to download the ES, a nap and for live streaming. Sports and premium content subscribe to ESPN Plus
Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman and Damien Woody weigh in on whether the Dallas Cowboys should be on upset alert against the Washington Redskins.
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