Stephen Barclay: ‘we’re very keen to reach an ambitious FTA’

Stephen Barclay: ‘we’re very keen to reach an ambitious FTA’
Viking suviche ambitious free trade agreements with the European Union in both goods and services – that’s important to both the UK and to the European Union. Important speech influence on the agreement was reached with you. You last week is an important Milestone as part of continuing their trading relationships with our colleagues in Europe.
Twitter erupted with memes after Mr Barclay was named the new Brexit Secretary on Friday in the latest twist in a week of political drama at Westminster. But in a reduction to his duties, it was revealed that Theresa May will in future take sole control of negotiations on EU withdrawal. Mr Barclay’s job will be limited to the domestic delivery of EU withdrawal, preparations for Brexit either with or without a deal and shepherding legislation through Parliament.

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