Steve Barclay named new Brexit Secretary – BBC News

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Steve Barclay named new Brexit Secretary – BBC News
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Steve Barclay named new Brexit Secretary – BBC News
Breaking news: we not have a new brexit second tree. I guess you probably know: can they household name too many people, Stephen Berkeley? Who is a health Minister full that worked in the treasury? He is the new sexy and I suspect that may surprise many people, because you know he is not one of the Frontline cabinet brexit is, you might have expected he’s a big Steelers. Brexit is he’s not in the same category is Michael Gove or very ugly. People like Chris grading and relaxing sounds simple. What is interesting is that mrs. may has chosen to or how to appoint, say, Alexa well-known politician for what is a pretty high-profile job, which suggests that she was unable to get any of the main well-known brexit is to take. It looks as if on the brexit is males have been unwilling to take out the job. Not what that points to is an emerging move by the brexit is in the cabinets to try and get misses me to shift to rethink elements around the so-called backstop, so they might make just a set to actually know. We don’t want this if we’re going to have to campaign fuel deal, so she is going for someone big promotion from Health minister to brexit II, even Barkley was brought into government by trees. Make Pokemon appear on the David Cameron in 2010. I am told he has never ever rebelled, so he is an Uber loyalist as well as I leave campaign, but he is the new brexit. Technically, the message that’s being sent out by Diamond Street is here on Friday evening this week of May having difficulty on the messages she moves on free quite quickly, because if this went on into the weekend, it would begin to look as if she was really struggling To find anyone, so I think there was a need to get in place than you cabinet. We know, I’m obviously is going to you at work and pensions and there is a desire, I think 2 % as business gradually returning to normal. So you know we have had those cabinet voices coming out and backing this is. May the brexit ProMaster 48 letter Services made goes into the weekend. She suffered An Almighty storm, but you still there that’s not more resignations. That’S not the leadership challenge and she’s going to pull cabinet back together again suggesting this morning that those 48 names would be there today I will by tonight, and what happening is it? I think it suggests that some of the European research group in private than they are in public, so that may talk a good game in public, but in private they might be much more cautious and I think two things we can play on their minds, one. How is your local party going to respond if they see you firing of letters demanding the prime minister’s head on to Michael Gove Wobble, the fact that Michael ego decided, despite the fact you didn’t, want the brexit job? Despite the fact, he wants to do a better deal to stick it out, so if he, the leading one of the leading brexit is, is going to hang on in there. Does that not cool some of the European research group critics to think? Well, if he’s going to that’s why I want to just hold fight a bit for bit, they are still saying that they think they will get the 48 lessons by next week. This weekend we just in a picture of somebody, but this weekend and peas, many of them will get back constituencies and many of those constituents may have had trees met on the radio this morning and took about a people’s vote. But he’s going to be listing for the people this weekend, iguanas in the Downing Street has, I think, the sense of sheer blooming weariness with brexit people are fed up to the back teeth of day off today of brexit news. They want it done. They want it over with. They would like the government to get on with other things, such as you know, social care, Universal Credit, you name, it there’s a long list of things that need to be addressed and I think, calculating on the phone trains vampaneze and they will get the idea. If you are going to facts about instigating a leadership contest that is seriously going to knock large members of the public document is a big trunk called 14 May Norman
Steve Barclay has been confirmed as the new Brexit Secretary.

The MP for North East Cambridgeshire and Leave supporter had been serving as a minister at the department for health and social care.

He replaces Dominic Raab, who resigned on Thursday over Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement for Brexit.

The announcement comes after Amber Rudd was named the new work and pensions secretary.

Mr Barclay – a former director at Barclays Bank – has also held the posts of City minister and a whip at the Treasury.

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