Steve Forbes: Government is concerned about its own well-being

Steve Forbes: Government is concerned about its own well-being
Steve Forbes: Government is concerned about its own well-being
All right government spending hitting an all-time record high 2.57 trillion dollars spent the first seven months of fiscal 2019 by rooting out waste fraud and text. Her abuse agencies in 1.3, trillion dollars and improper overpayment. Since 2004 20/20 Democrats keep pushing to raise taxes. Why do they want to raise taxes want to fix? The problem is government waste here waste in the private sector and capitalism, free-market yeah that kind of ways to go out of business. This been going on for decades and Britain after World War 1, as the Navy got smaller. The agency running the Navy got bigger there, no consequences to that kind of way. Cuz. If you reduce your budget, you get less next year, no real incentive to God that taxpayers, money do a private eyes and I’m frankly, socialized government in which its sprinkling neoliberalism, its a neocon government in which should be socialized. If we, if we taxed the richest, you know, we talked about the private sector which which mr. Forbes just mentioned, the worst for prioritize over the world and the private sector. You succeed by meeting the needs and wants of other people, which is why capitalism, moral and free markets – you don’t succeed unless you provide something, and somebody else want know that profit, you don’t get new businesses, you don’t get expanding existing business and you don’t get the Kind of breakthroughs we need and socialized medicine in Europe has crushed Innovation. You don’t see the new drug new medical devices. That is absolutely true. You go back to the 1950s 1960s. Europe was a great font of new Pharmaceuticals. Today, today, today, today, Pharmaceuticals, World age, 112 Andover – we found in our government properly if the richest 1 % actually fun of the government, rather than working people wearing stretched away to send we’re going bankrupt by the Koch brothers in States. I mean this is what’s happening with the butt because of that, because we’re not able to clean up the room can people free markets are not in charge health care. We don’t want that here.
Forbes Media Chairman Steve Forbes and Democratic Socialists of America member Nomiki Konst on how the federal government spent more money in the first seven months of 2019 than any other year in U.S. history.

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