Steve Hilton: The truth about impeachment

Steve Hilton: The truth about impeachment
Steve Hilton: The truth about impeachment
I seen some who opposed this impeachment early dismissal. This will end up with the trial in the Senate and as we move towards that, I want anyone who watches this show to be well-informed about the details about the actual evidence. The evidence – and I want to take you through it – his will hasn’t changed this week. We had new confirmation from an old friend of the real motivation, the oldest he knows, he’s an illegitimate president. He knows he’s an illegitimate president. He knows that he’s an illegitimate president. They’Ve been wanting to get from since 2016. They want to remove this democratically elected president by non-democratic mean, regardless the evidence so helpful of Hillary to confirm that this week and so much for that Pious lectures on democracy and the rule of law. Sunday. We went through the impeachment charges inviting for a meddling and a quid pro quo. Military eight, the farm meddling claim, is a joke. It happens every day and Washington’s referring government lobbying. The Democrats are up to their necks in foreign meddling. Nancy Pelosi took money from Ukraine lobbyist, Saudi Arabia and Mexico. These sanctimonious charlatans foreign interference in our democracy have no problem with it when it’s donation center, their campaigns and jobs for their relatives. When it’s asking Ukraine for fat fellas did last year and, of course, when it’s funding a dossier to bring Trump down in any case, Donald Trump committed an abuse of power by bringing politics and reform relationship is a joke. They all do it. Trump is just more open about it. I saw it myself with President Obama and David Cameron, the Bush campaign, the dust on Bill Clinton today. The impeachment Fanatics recite the Mantra on the political rival, but with Ukraine, inviting it’s not just any rival, and it’s not just any does what was asking ukrainians to look for. Whether I don’t know Andrew Yang goes back pay to some Ukrainian computer scientist who works on one of his daughter would be different, but the charge here and we will lay it out for you in detailing tonight’s. Won’T work he’s been a fool of vice president and his family acted corruptly in another country, while in office, of course, that should be investigated and there’s nothing wrong with asking that country to help the reason. The Democrats in the ruling class up in arms about it is that it’s exposing a central feature of that swampy business model was not. Okay is using government policy and taxpayer dollars to push for an investigation. If the motivation is purely political, the only really serious charge here is the President Trump did that by withholding military aid to Ukraine unless they promised to investigate fighting, and he did it for purely political ends. Last week I told you there were three reasons to reject that argument. Trump is a well-known, a skeptic to Senator Rob Portman, backed up the president’s account and 3. According to the New York Times the ukrainians didn’t know. The age was held up until a month after that now famous when one, so I didn’t know about the quote. I said, while we’ve learned more about it this week from Cena Diplomat text messages, it turns out that the eighth holdup was seen by some us officials as pas a purely political quid pro quo, his bill Taylor, the acting ambassador to Ukraine. As I said on the phone, I think it’s crazy to withhold security systems for help with a political campaign. The Democrats think that’s that’s play from the US ambassador to the EU. Was this, I believe, you’re incorrect about President Trump’s intentions. The president has been crystal clear. No quid pro quos of any kind without shook my faith in the White House position and, of course, the Trump hating media world over at the new of time lost at the text across that front page yesterday, with dramatic, yellow, highlights and left me wanting to know Two things: what are ukrainians told trade was being held up on that they investigated Biden and what was the intention to investigate vine on the grounds of vice-presidential corruption will because he was a political rival. Now, as luck would have it, we got more evidence on eggs. Those points the text messages were given to Congress by Kurt volca, our special Envoy to Ukraine. He also gave him an 11-page witness statement. Some commentators cool to that statement devastating for the president, pointing to the fact that Vulcan debunks claims by Rudy Giuliani and the president about Ukraine’s role in 2016 and Joe Biden’s Road in Ukraine. That is perfectly true, but it’s not the whole story. In fact, it’s not even the main Vulcan statement is indeed devastating, but not for the president. If you read the whole thing, rather than cherry-pick the Auntie trumpet, the statement is devastating for the Democrats. 18 to the case for impeachment it pretty much exonerate the president on the main impeachment charges cut vocal, has been involved in every aspect of this story. Dealing face-to-face will the key play in the President Trump presidential advisor Giuliani. Volk is being described by Trump critics as an honest broker. Listen to his actual evidence on page 3, he says at no time was I aware of who took part in an effort, Ukraine to investigate form of Vice President Biden, as you will see from the extensive text messages I’m providing, which convey a sense of real-time dialogue With several different active Vice President Biden was never a topic of discussion on page talking about President Trump delaying a meeting with the Lansky, a delay that, based on the text alone, the media site as evidence of trump pressuring Ukraine to investigate old helde-. You two would you crave was causing hesitation in actually showed you in the meeting, nothing to do with investigating Biden. Just President Trump’s concerns over Ukraine, corruption. Exactly as he’s been saying on page 7 volt the meeting he arranged between President zelenski’s advisor and Rudy Giuliani Giuliani, I’m missing you, I’m not called me to give me their Impressions, both appositives, neither said anything about Vice President Biden based on the text. The Democrats on that media lies have zeroed in on talk of a statement that the US side wanted the ukrainians to make again. This is cited as evidence of pressure to investigate fine Boca, says August 16th missing you, I’m actually headed rauf with me, which I thought looked perfectly reasonable. It did not mention Charisma or 2016 elections, but was generic. I conveyed this draft to Ambassador Soul unto agreed. It was an excellent statement, conversation with Matt Giuliani, who said that, in his view, the statement should include specific reference to the end 2016. Again, there was no mention of Vice President Biden in these conversations on to the most serious charge against the, but there was a quid pro quo on military aid. His vocal says, on page nine of his statement, the issue of a hold placed on security assistance to Ukraine also came up during this same time I was connected. I did not perceive these issues to be linked in any way, no link between the Giuliani investigation agenda and the aid and then finally, on page 10 volt, it was towed crying about the president Spoonful by people who actually on the cool I received. The general read out my own State Department Store fur as well as for mr. your life said it was a good congrat church record that they just importance of fighting corruption and production reform in Ukraine and the president from reiterated his invitation to president Valencia to visit The White House six times critics isn’t always broke up six times. He said that he still no evidence of efforts to investigate as a political rival, to link that to Aid in a quid pro quo. The fact no one reported this just shows you how committed the media are to that empty Trump narrative. It is astonishing. These people are deliberately misleading you that contempt for Trump has destroyed their professional judgment. In a week when we saw the unemployment rate again hit a 50-year low, we reminded why Americans chose Donald Trump jobs and dignity of two decades of stagnation and disrespect immigration, the control of the Decades of open borders, China confronted off the Decades of fell out and Surrender the Democrats obsession with Scandal is out of touch on decadent people. Want some states not scandal. Can you fix the impeachment as evidence for as long as bestows on Democrats? Please just get a grip, and this fast and focused on helping Americans have a better life. Please make sure you share this detailed setting out of the evidence Farm. 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The focus of investigations has been the president… but where is Hunter Biden? #FoxNews

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