Steve Schmidt: Donald Trump Ignorant, Naive, And A Fool On The World Stage | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

do you believe that them continue to build icbm’s would violate the joint declaration from Singapore 2D nuclear eyes and that is something that we certainly anticipate that he will hold up his end of the bargain and his commitment on that in terms of that specific report I’ve seen it we’re all very well aware of that report that would fall into an intelligence matter which is something going to be able to get into which NBC News has now confirmed that satellite photos and US Intelligence show that Korea is continuing to produce ballistic missile and work on their missile program even after the June Summit in Singapore between Donald Trump and North Korea Kim Jong Hoon The Washington Post says work is underway on at least one intercontinental ballistic missile capable of United States that news broke just hours after Donald Trump publicly corded the leader of another authoritarian regime Iranian president Hassan Rouhani who Donald Trump announced he would meet quotes with no preconditions a baffling offer from an American last week was hurling Twitter grenades and is a roni and counterpart and an offer that I run wasted no time turning down thanks but no thanks joining us now is Steve Schmidt Republican strategist and an old friend of mine from our days at the White House and on the campaign Trail let’s just put this out there you and I work for someone who could see Russia from her house so we’re in a good position to try to ascertain whether or not Donald Trump is operating from survey ignorant is bless or whether he seriously has a thing for these dictators what’s well Nicole let me just a former Republican to begin but look right Donald Trump made the world profoundly more dangerous with his reality show diplomacy and Inn in Singapore of course Kim jeong-hoon is not honoring the spirit of the Declaration or the agreement and they’re working on an intercontinental ballistic so which one day a nuclear a miniaturized nuclear warhead will sit on top of that could reach the continental United States and so she’s up there spending the American people the intelligence agencies which give me information or under constant attack by this Administration so roughly for 40% of the country doesn’t matter what the intelligence agency says what matters is what Trump says now thankfully it’s a minority of the country but it does change that in actual reality of the country is more endangered because we had an unprepared ignorant president go over there with the same level of rigor that he would plan an apprentice episode with meatloaf and Little John intelligent you pull the right thread through all three the Intelligence on North Korea didn’t didn’t ever point to it Donald Trump declared at the end of that Summit that would that there now no longer a threat the intelligence community support anything that Donald Trump said and this is just what we know of what was public at the press conference in Helsinki and the Intelligence on a run actually suggested the deal at the president pulled us out of was better than anything he’s likely to get on his own so how does the intelligence community client who is so either disdainful or dismissive or just willfully ignores the evidence based on the fact base Intelligence on all three of these dangerous for James and they do but at the end of the day he’s the president the United States that he believes what he believes and there’s more than enough news reports to suggest that he doesn’t want to hear anything that he doesn’t want to hear of course the uranium deal had verified components to it he pulled us out of that he received the remarkable feat of putting the United States opposite the European Union Russia and Iran with Iran having the high moral ground with according to Fidelity to the agreement the agreement reached in Singapore with North Korea which is violating the spirit of was no verification protocols whatsoever so this is all nonsense again it’s reality thing but with deadly deadly consequences it was the Strategic aim of the North Korean regime one of the most evil and vile in the world as slave regime to elevate its leader to maximum standing on the world stage and they itch that by standing next to the president of the United States this has been the work of decades and Kim Jong who knows that his nuclear weapons guarantee him insurance from Invasion by the United States it’s O’Donnell prop played all of his cards pushed all the chips in the middle of the table and he’s left with a pair of twos what he proved himself to be was inexperienced naive and ignorant and a Fool on the world stage and of course that was noticed by every other Traverse area of this country’s really quick I want to ask you if you’re surprised that not a single National politically appointed National Security official has resigned over what you just described is obvious to everyone in this country in around the world in the American president I’m shocked by it that there are so few men and women of principle that there aren’t more Sally Yates is out there that there aren’t more people who say enough particularly when we see it president of the United States going behind closed doors with Vladimir Putin agreeing to who-knows-what saying who knows what making who knows what guarantees to Putin what promises to Putin what promises to turn in Raya Putin act in the Baltic or anywhere else on the globe he insults the Canadian Prime Minister he attacked the British prime minister he insulted attacked the chancellor of Germany he questions in an assault into grades NATO he questions the need for the European union he is an agent de-facto of Russia’s foreign policy the foreign policy he’s advocating the bipartisan consensus that existed free truck between Republicans and Democrats would have recognized as foreign policy is clearly in the Middle Lane of the kremlin’s Strategic interest in to see it being Advance by an American president is as disturbing as it is shocking for taking a flat Amir Putin’s entire honey do list for Donald Trump is it for going to ask you to stick around for one more minute there’s a real head scratcher of a theory being floated about the midterm 98 days from now is it possible that Donald Trump actually wants the Republicans to lose that he wants Democrats to take over the house Stephen look at you for the answer that’s next NBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube if you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me or click over on this list to see lots of other great videos
Political strategist and former Republican, Steve Schmidt, discusses Iran’s rejection of Trump’s overtures as North Korea humiliates Trump with the continued construction, according to U.S. intelligence, of missiles capable of reaching the United States.
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Steve Schmidt: Donald Trump Ignorant, Naive, And A Fool On The World Stage | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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