Stolen shark returned to San Antonio Aquarium

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Stolen shark returned to San Antonio Aquarium
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police have returned a baby shark that was stolen from an aquarium in San Antonio surveillance footage captured the bizarre robbery three thieves managed to walk out with a 16 inch baby great horned shark after hiding it baby stroller fortunately police were able to track down the truck the robbers use to flee the scene and later located the missing shark two of the three suspects have confessed and will face charges the shark named Miss Helen appears very healthy one of the thieves had set up an elaborate mock aquarium for the shark in his garage
A 16-inch-long horn shark, named Miss Helen, was stolen over the weekend. It was safely returned Monday night to the San Antonio Aquarium. Surveillance video from the facility showed three suspects scoping the facility out for more than an hour Saturday afternoon. CBSN’s Tanya Rivero has the details.

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