Stormy Daniels: ‘I was called a liar’ – BBC News

Stormy Daniels: ‘I was called a liar’ – BBC News
In the book keep going to quite intimate details about how the president has sex up, why did you do that? To prove that I was telling the truth so that you know I actually don’t make it a habit to kiss and tell us. So you know part of me feels guilty about doing that, but by recounting every detail I think it’s obvious that I know things that only someone who actually experienced in bed I would know – and I would have never included any of those things or you know kiss And tell for you know, lack of a better explanation if it wasn’t for the fact that I was being called a liar. Many of us still at the world couldn’t get me crazy. I get here. We are in 2018 Harry descriptions about the shape of the president’s penis. Was that old, Possum’s the truth-telling or was the aim that tooth on one level just to humiliate him, humiliate someone for no reason in or for any reason I mean that’s body-shaming or sex, shaming or betrayal, and it was a he attacked me first, I was called A liar, but it never happens and unless he penis transplant, then I’m pretty sure that’s a Checkmate. The relationship is, he say, would have been completely forgotten. This 10 years later, he hadn’t decided to stand for president. They said 2015-2016, his lawyers, his henchman, arrive, to ask you to sign a nondisclosure agreement. Did you understand what that was about then, or did you sign in a hurry? What was your they took? You away, I didn’t understand. Yes, I signed in a hurry, but I did understand. I had every intention of upholding the terms of the agreement. I wasn’t the one that broke it or lease it. No reason I ever came for it was to defend myself. So when people put it to you that, essentially you signed, I need the money, I mean it was Hush money. You say well so what I do now, then they did Michael calling without trying to pitch a book about me talking about my name, how much he paid me everything I wasn’t the one that was talking. It was him and then I just wanted to be able to defend myself, nothing other people being able to speak for you and call you names and your attacks from every direction both by strangers, which is you know, totally fine. I don’t care, but by people you actually know, and you know the reason I came forward was I went through the agreement and realize that first of all, it wasn’t valid and that they had breached it. You didn’t have to be quiet. Of course you didn’t have to take the money you could have said. I’M going to tell my side of the story before they even come near me. Lots of things. I’Ve been asked to tell a story. I’Ve been offered money numerous times. Honestly. I thought it was tacky, that’s not what I want to be known for. That’S not what I wanted to drag my family through. That’S not what I wanted to expose. Friends too. I didn’t want people showing up and knocking on my door and having young daughter be like always this man with a camera, why these people following us? That was never my intention. I didn’t need the money. I am not a former pornstar, I’m not a former adult direct film director I had a very successful career was very happy doing what I was and settled into a what I consider to be yet a good life in Texas, with my family and feeding my horses With a great group of friends, I never wanted any of this to happen. You described in the book of that you’ll life was in danger that you were going to be possibly mysteriously bumped off. Did you actually think at some point that Trump was going to have you killed? Don’T necessarily like you know this point. All I had to go on in reference to having specific Lee was the accounters that I’d had personally with him, and he didn’t seem to me that I’m a man who would win esterly and by signing the NDA I thought I was accomplishing two things at once. One making sure that the story was stopped and didn’t hurt anyone I knew, but at the same time make it there be an actual physical record, a relationship between me and and Michael Cohen and and the president people have red on heard your story and of course I guess it’s easy for them to say: look the encounter was a transaction. You both news. The way the world worked in the way that pay six is a transaction that you were hoping to get Apostle The Apprentice. You knew what you were getting into originally when you’re looking for Fame and Fortune. It’S no surprise that you would end up getting her tonight. Haitian, it was a very consensual encounter. I was not paid that night. I was not offered money, it was not prostitution, but yes, you know, it was two consenting. You know mentioned something about. A part of the TV show was never supposed to be said, hey if you have sex with me. I will give you this. It wasn’t anything like that, but it was definitely not a me-too moment. Another really irritating thing is when people think that I was either a prostitute or a victim. I wasn’t either it’s seriously. If what had happened back then, with all that happened, it wouldn’t be a big deal. The people need to focus on you here, which is what happened in relation to the election and what he did as a result of that you’re saying he kind of glazed over just wanted to talk about golf. That was like the first 20 minutes. You know, after the infamous spanking – and I showed him that you know I had a brain and can hold my own and hold conversation, and I didn’t problem checking how the conversation evolved into a you know a normal, two-sided, interesting exchange. But if you look at the cabinets that are being played out as we speak, has this whole Saga, a woman has come forward to offer her testimony of sexual abuse of have presidents has chosen to Makkah. Do you think it’s emboldened women more women to come forward, or do you think it’s made men feel that they’ll be protected? Everyone has their own experience and and takes her own, no feelings away from it. I think that his actions have infuriated some other women which has driven them forward in solidarity, cuz they’re, so angry sometime. It’S probably scared a lot of victims and just continue hiding. They don’t want to be shamed or attacked called names, because it does happen. Trust me, I’m I’m living it right now, Chris and blasi Ford gave her testimony. Last week, we’ve had from the pornstar we’ve had from the professor. Is there any difference ultimately as to whether your testimony is a believed? I think the people are quicker to discredit and discount me because I work in the adult business. For some reason, people think that work sex workers in a which include strippers pornstars, p*** producers, somehow don’t know right from wrong and less human. I experience it every day. They for some reason, think that, because of my job, I am to be trusted less than someone who is perhaps like a the school teacher or accountant. That’S what we’ve seen proves the opposite. Doesn’T it that Christine blasi Ford he’s an academic Ana, Professor still wasn’t Believe by many Republicans either exactly, but I think that she has more support from other women. I’M very grateful to all the women who have stood up and supported me, but some of the nasty is comments I’ve gotten or are from other women who think that I am not worth believing or that I’m in human, because I I work in the adult business And my job shouldn’t have anything to do with with my character. Sorry, Yet
Adult film star Stormy Daniels gives her side of the story to Newsnight, in her first UK interview since the publication of her book Full Disclosure
Ms Daniels describes that alleged affair with Donald Trump and why she decided to “kiss and tell”.

President Trump has denied the affair, but admitted she was paid hush money.

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