Stranger saves woman’s life not once, but twice

Stranger saves woman’s life not once, but twice
It doesn’t feel like it was a decision I do like. I don’t know how to explain it. So it’s more than a brother. I never thought about it honestly that much again I knew on Osan the registry and, if I ever did get a call or a course. So yes, the only information they give. You is what kind of illness they have and then their age everything’s get private. For a year she said that was a proud, as she’s ever been with me, that we could actually directly affects someone like that and save a life and never even know him or meet him at the time they gave us 6 months to a year, and it Was two months and she was gone on July 10th, the first 6 months after she passed. I was morning and I wasn’t coping with grief very well, and I talked to Kelly a lot about that. She was a good support system for me, happy that he opened up a lot after everything that happened, and I was just glad that he would. I found out right before that. Kelly didn’t want to tell me that she needed a new kidney cuz. She was on dialysis three times a week, never really thought about. I was just like they gave, meaning to my life again, but a little way Lauren. She really helped bring me back getting to see someone happy and live your life again. It’S it’s that it’s overwhelmingly like positive for me to know that I had an impact on someone like that me getting off dialysis, giving me a got it normal again after 7 years of this, so I don’t think he’ll ever ever get what he did. What that mean,
The first time he saved her life, he had no idea who she was. Three years later, he’s saving her life again.

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