Strasbourg: Christmas market attacker ‘shot dead’ – BBC News

Strasbourg: Christmas market attacker ‘shot dead’ – BBC News
Some breaking news to bring you now from Strasburg police telling his father, Reuters news agency, but this is suspected Strasbourg. She was a sheriff house is dead. We have no further information about how he died, but this is too by the French police at appeals for help. In finding a suspected off that Christmas Market attack, in which three people I’m the a fourth person, was fatally wounded, 12 others suffered injuries as well as you’ll recall that two hundreds of security Personnel had been searching for sheriff who’s. That 20, both sides of the Border in France and in Germany he was known to police. It has a string of criminal conviction that was said to have become radicalized islamist, while in prison life play Swoon public, not to approach. Him said that he was extremely dangerous, and so these are the pictures coming through from Strasburg incredible police vehicles that out on the streets, but the suspected gunman has died.
French police have shot dead the man believed to have attacked Strasbourg’s Christmas market, police sources have told reporters.

Cherif Chekatt had been on the run since the attack on Tuesday evening.

Three people have died following the shooting at the popular attraction and several more were seriously injured.

France Info reported that Chekatt was killed by police after he was found hiding in a warehouse in the Meinau area of the city.

The suspect had a string of criminal convictions and had become a radical Islamist while in prison.

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