Struggles in the US shutdown- BBC News

Struggles in the US shutdown- BBC News
The federal government remains shut down a hundred thousand innocent workers. I was told on the six through an email that that were were unemployed. My children fault. I provide for them to the extent that they’re used to, and that makes me feel bad as Mom husband is a federal boy and he is working and not getting paid. Federal workers are not receiving paychecks. This week is the worst time to sell his text because he’s worried about me not having a job and my husband not getting paid doing what you have to do for the benefit and for the safety of our country. Hey the time or not, if not, I’ve already secured these unsecured loans with high interest and you’re looking at 27 to 30 %, you plan on your saving being used for an actual emergency. He said to me when you support a wall, and I said not, there will be no deal without awalt elected representatives, but using the federal Workforce in contractors as a bargaining. Chip for pain should not be allowed and get paid to do the job that we were hired to do.
Three workers affected by the US government shutdown on how they’re coping with the prospect of no pay.

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