Student in Houston suddenly sick after vaping: Officials

Student in Houston suddenly sick after vaping: Officials
Student in Houston suddenly sick after vaping: Officials
What are the turn down to the alarming news on vaping tonight, right here in the Houston area, high school student collapsing after vaping and was rushed to the hospital? And now it’s six person has died linked to e-cigarettes that patient in their 50s Adrienne bankert new alarm about the risk of vaping. After an emergency at the Houston area, high school officials say a student was suddenly sickened after vaping. It’S just the latest in a growing number of cases around the country, doctors are reporting, serious lung illnesses, more than 450 patients and Counting and tonight of 6 death linked to vaping person in Kansas over 50 years old, with underlying health problem whose symptoms worsened rapidly. Most of the cases are linked to vaping THC products, but doctors are scrambling for answers. 6 weeks in the products are being raped and that’s what the CDC is working find a vape nicotine than THC over 2 years, getting sicker and sicker ending up on life. Support on a ventilator, weaker and weaker by the minute when she woke up, she asked to write this message on Instagram now seen around the world. I’M just trying to share my story and save people’s lives green tonight. The American Lung Association is also just out with a new warning. Cigarettes are not safe and can cause irreversible lung damage. Young people are particularly at risk because I think the Surgeon General is calling this a youth, e-cigarette epidemic Davis watch live event. Coverage click on the right over here to subscribe to our Channel and don’t forget to download the ABC News app for breaking news alerts. Thanks for watching
A sixth death has been linked to vaping in Kansas after a person older than 50 years old with underlying health problems suffered symptoms that worsened rapidly.

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