Sturgeon: McDonnell’s comments on independence are basic democracy

Sturgeon: McDonnell’s comments on independence are basic democracy
Sturgeon: McDonnell’s comments on independence are basic democracy
I’M here to see this Innovative energy projects, it’s a partnership between still in Kingsland Scottish water, which at turns Wastewater into energy in a way that allows us to reduce carbon emissions and an example of the kind of project technology that we need to embrace that more. If we are to meet everybody, ambitious climate change targets which we are determined to do emergency is the biggest model challenge facing the whole, and I’m determined that Scotland is in the Vanguard of meeting at challenge addendum and the Scottish people to decide if Scotland becomes independent Or not, I’m surprised that anybody thinks has a controversial statement. It is at Westminster, government, sweets, Scotland, note to make that choice, but they’re not entitled to block the right of the Scottish people to choose. So it surprises me that anybody sees what John McDonald says as controversial. If you look at Libra with the pool this week, you know when in Scotland and Libra don’t have very many voters, left 40 % or so support. Independence, oh seems to me to be a politically sensible one from laborers perspective. Besides go to sleep or seem so opposed to. It can only suggest history to be inexplicable, Road time scale, politicians who think they can blow up the right to choose to explain how they think that is remotely Democratic or defensible, and it should be for the Scottish people to decide anything petition to decide the future. Scotland, it should be for the people, not the basic democracy. The John MacDonald appeared at to be supporting, and you know I think, he’s right S & P. We did in 2015 and 2017. I said that if the arithmetic after the election lent itself to this, I would want the SNP to be part of a progressive alternative, Progressive Alliance. It gets too easily because they are intent on taking me. Considering a catastrophic brexit pass to my position hasn’t changed any formal Coalition with labor, but I want to be part of first to get two things went to update to extract the little we know the stumbling block to that, of course, is labor is abdicating his position That we need to get leave it off the Saints and then we can look to stop Boris Johnson in this track. Hopefully
Labour has been accused of ‘selling Scotland down the river for power’ after John McDonnell (pictured left at the Edinburgh Fringe today) declared the party will not block a fresh independence referendum – in a naked pitch for a pact with the SNP. The shadow chancellor has refused to back down despite facing a wave of anger over the huge concession, which is seemingly designed to pave the way for a deal with Nicola Sturgeon (pictured right) after a snap election. The blatant offer came hours after the Scottish First Minister floated a ‘progressive alliance’ with Jeremy Corbyn to ‘lock the Tories out of government’ and block Brexit. The intervention enraged Labour MPs, who accused Mr McDonnell of ‘betrayal’ by ‘appeasing nationalists’, and ‘dumping’ on the party’s existing policy. Former Scottish Secretary Douglas Alexander said the remarks were ‘strikingly ignorant’, while others pointed out that he had adopted SNP propaganda by describing Westminster as the ‘English Parliament’. Scottish Tory leader Ruth Davidson (inset) pointed out that a ‘once in a generation’ referendum had been held in 2014, and the separatists lost.

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