Sub dive reveals Titanic decay – BBC News

Sub dive reveals Titanic decay – BBC News
Sub dive reveals Titanic decay – BBC News
Probably the most shocking area of deterioration was the starboard side of the office quarters where the Captain’s Quarters are captains. Bathtub is a favorite image among Titanic enthusiasts, and that’s now gone that whole deck house on that side is collapsing taking with the staterooms and that deteriorates is going to continue advancing. I think it’s too important to retire in and visit the wreck and to continue to document the wreck site because approached the wreck itself is not real, only Witness believe Galt of the Titanic disaster. All of the survivors have not passed away, so I think it’s important to use the Rack House. The wreck still has something to see.
The first people to dive down to the Titanic in nearly 15 years say it is deteriorating.

Over the course of five sub dives, an international team of deep-sea explorers surveyed the wreck.

While some parts of the sunken ship were in surprisingly good condition, other features have been lost to the sea.

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