Sunflower farmer says crops being damaged by selfie seekers

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Sunflower farmer says crops being damaged by selfie seekers
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growing season is in full swing for sunflower crops and the Beautiful plants are attracting growing crowds the Open Fields have become a hotspot for selfies that isn’t sitting well with one local producer TV John Hendricks to explain why is this so concerned there is a couple of reasons one of which I can show you right now right over my left shoulder you can see that there are a group of people here that taking pictures of themselves amongst this sunflower and I can tell you it has been like this all day long a steady parade of people showing up to get photos of themselves with the sunflower but the problem is that as some people go to get that perfect picture they behind a crop which is now no longer picture-perfect about 2 months away from Harvest and you could say this large sunflower field on the edge of the city is picturesque and getting a picture is What attracted Tannis look at read to this field and take some beautiful pictures of these beautiful sunflowers in the field Monday there was a steady stream of picture takers going up to the edge of the field several people actually walking right in everything has a a saturation Point Sunday there was like 40 cars and landowner Bruce Stewart says the parade of people is damaging is crop their breaking had sore taking ads there was a trailer backed up here cutting heads off she’s just an issue affecting this one field people are snapping pictures at fields around the Providence we know that’s a lot of people especially from urban areas really lost a connection Weatherby family or friends to a primary producers and he see these beautiful feel sad that we have in Manitoba and they want to stop and take a photo from Keystone agricultural producers says he understands but that’s really all Bruce Steward wants well I wouldn’t go to their yard and walk around in their yard and pick flowers and they’d be out in a Flash he says a simple phone call asking permission would be a good start Gary says selfie something else to be mindful of what they do now Bruce Stewart has assigned right on the edge of his property you can give him a phone call and ask for permission now it isn’t just about texting the crops he has to spray them with pesticides and he’s worried about people being exposed behind you know I spoke with the RCMP today merely and they say that it is absolutely trespassing if you walk onto a farmer’s property and they’re certainly hoping that people will respect other people’s property
Jon Hendricks reports on concerns from a sunflower farmer over how the harmful side of striving for the perfect pic.

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