‘Superwoman’ Lilly Singh at UN General Assembly – BBC News

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‘Superwoman’ Lilly Singh at UN General Assembly – BBC News
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there’s a lot of kids featuring my parents have to say Mom Dad if you’re watching this they are not actual representations of my parents are very chill and very cool and I cannot get grounded and say that it is what they’re actually like it’s not it’s an exaggeration Mom Dad young people make up 25% of the world population they are the most connected generation there’s ever been we have access to borderless tools and technologies that allow us to share our voices or knowledge and experiences further than ever before and that’s exactly so I found my platform using a technology that didn’t exist 13 years ago called YouTube and that’s why my parents don’t know what I do for a living or when technology is moving and changing so fast the world has to keep up all young people have access no matter where they live or what their circumstances are is a partnership to ensure that by 2030 all user educated train or employed we won’t see Creative Solutions to the issues of all the places we won’t see freshman tips on how to solve problems we won’t see new ideas on how to implement change today’s you can offer because of the entrepreneurial spirit that you have today because of the platforms are closed in the Technologies were exposed to it’s really important to include used as part of the conversation on how to implement anger issues that affect you because of our fresh creative unique perspective
YouTuber Lilly Singh, also known as Superwoman, and K-Pop band BTS are among those talking about youth issues at the UN this week.
They are there to launch a new initiative called Generation Unlimited, which pushes for more education and support for young people.

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