Surveillance in Canadian cities: ShotSpotter, malls and Facebook

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Surveillance in Canadian cities: ShotSpotter, malls and Facebook
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the Toronto city council is going ahead with a high-tech surveillance system to fight gun violence it’s called shotspotter review center shotspotter the clip from the company’s website shotspotter uses microphone to the test gunshots by Audio sensors police then get an alert on their phone already being used in 90 cities across the United States but here’s a question doesn’t work alright so joining us now to discuss this and also we have with us to car a small and she is a technology journalist and the founder of venture kids. CA so again welcome to you both thank you for joining us here in studio let’s talk about first this shot bought her solution and maybe to Carl go to you on this one it’s two is this something that will actually help with Toronto’s gun problem on what is unfortunately for Port contact a bullet wound and that’s just simply because we are using technology to solve what is essentially of human problem and I think replacing it and neighborhoods that unfortunately have a hype vintage of brown and black people and could be I think viewed is another way to police these areas that need more assistance not but please oversight and we know for example that the city has invested millions in this for example and so Nicole let’s go to you Forbes has also done a study on this technology and if they say that Seven Cities that over to use shotspotter and let’s just quickly take a look at the statistics that were found in that study in this isn’t a two-year. In Kansas City Missouri so here’s what they found did that test shotspotter captured 6619 gunfire alert 2500 were unfounded and there were a hundred and eight arrest so that’s about a 1.6% success rate for million dollar investment is it worth that money given that sort of numbers that were staying with the success rate to look at all the different technologies that you can use but we should be investing money in making sure the actual shot doesn’t fire this technology acoustic to Texans been around over 75 years and the problem with it especially in urban environments as it does create a lot of false positives and so you are actually increasing the strain on police horses having more police being called the scenes that might be something else than others I saw something online that I love the New Year’s Eve is a problem in cities ecology so they’re picking up noises so ignore the fact that it could be part of the solution that we can combine it with more video surveillance AI to really try to figure out and be able to react quicker but I think that the investment should happen earlier on the technology around forever that you have to use your fingerprints that you registered the gun with two actually fire the gun you could use radium to detect answer loaded and you can see that ahead of time as you enter a building that sort of thing as a whole bunch of that includes the video cameras as well as the acoustic text that much perhaps not the best when it were talking about preventive measures cuz it would detect the sounds very complicated puzzles we’re talking about it being used in Toronto for example we know that you do some advocacy work in Toronto’s region Park neighborhood and this is an area where these microphones with as you were mentioning would be installed because of the high crime rate I think and it’s very interesting and definitely discussion I’m having especially working the century kids and work with you I think if we want this technology to actually be successful we want to implement systems and processes that have a great effect we need to have the community have a voice and then YouTube fault in the decision from the very beginning I think again it looks like there are people who are outside the community who don’t actually have a presence and don’t have any real impact making these decisions and it looks like they don’t really care about the outcome so I think if we really want be a positive change we need to make sure that technology goes hand-in-hand with people who are working in the community and I guess that goes to the point two more prevention as well prevention I really widely read on CBC News to it was the potential invasion of privacy in Canada at am also CBC News learn this week that face recognition software is being used at a Calgary mall but Shoppers were not notified about it so the song embedded in the mall directories Cadillac Fairview is the company that owns the mall in Stacy the cameras don’t record everything or store the photo or video content so Nicole you first does across the line of course you were going to vessel reaction when I’m going into the map when I’m all in my God they’re they’re videoing me but their surveillance cameras everywhere I don’t want when I really thought about it I don’t think it’s as big a deal as people or maybe saying it is all they have to do is have how to say you’re being surveyed so I just think that everything is being tracked in some way now and I don’t see it as that big a deal subject especially this year with the revelation of Cambridge analytica and the way that that sort of Play-Doh using you know tests on Facebook and stuff so people are certified a heightened alert point when it comes to this topic do you think it crossed in this particular I personally think it did cross the line and that’s just simply because I mean when you walk into a store you don’t assume that every footstep every movement will be analyzed you do have those cameras that are usually covered by a dome in certain areas and that’s yo I think that’s your signal that you’re being watched where is with this directory you had no idea I feel I feel like you have to have some type of as as we discussed like you have to have like some type of sticker that’s your way of knowing you’re opting opting in to having your footage or visuals like being recorded or store I felt like in this way it wasn’t actually done it in a great way or a very respected way for privacy so the lack of consent do you have to opt out rather than opting in and that’s what we saw here today and that certainly is the case also with those so you know when you sign up for any sort of new program social media site it’s basically everything is so unless you say you don’t want it if you don’t have if you don’t understand the language and vocabulary that you don’t understand that you have to opt out you don’t understand that this is happening it’s and I think that’s where we come again to having that education and like having their conversations in public compare it to what was happening before there’s technology and so I remember being a kid and there would have been somebody that was paid for the clipboard to say this is how many young girls walked into the store of this age group so we can do more market analysis we know who the market two and that was happening before automated in some way I always have to compare it to the what was done before remember that there was somebody still watching you and recording not to help improve that it was just done differently so now we did reach out to Cadillac Fairview for a statement on this was only being tested but company is most certainly can get into trouble when their technology is collecting data without explicit consent as we talked about and Facebook would be a good example of that so why do companies keep doing it maybe to Carl with you on that I think when we’re looking at retail store I think the profit margin is so slim so it makes sense it companies will do whatever they can to try and analyze and increase their their profit and and and and try and like provide a better experience so definition of that’s just it makes sense from a company perspective to see and try and do as much as I possibly can in that regards and now because her quickly running out of time with one of the biggest stories of the week Facebook giant lost a record 155 billion Canadian in one day Nicole why was a fall from grace to Congress that he had this moral responsibility bad company and then when you release the earnings there was a huge amount of money budgeted forecasted for tackling the issues that they have had with respect to security and state is all that stuff we have a big problem it it’s a combination of those things they had somewhere Falls High to fall from as well and then we’re forgetting that so course it was a huge market cap lost they were they were valued pretty high huge margins I think people are starting to he’s kind of this is him admitting that he they are a monopoly there is no company shortly closely in second place and that they have to take responsibility all right and unfortunately now we’re just out of time on that so I don’t get you or your take the car but thank you to you both for joining us today for the tech now that is Nicole and she is the founder and CEO of all Macs and a dragon on cdc’s next-gen then into car smell is the founder Adventure Kids. CA and she’s a technology journalists thank you again to you both thank you
Toronto is reviewing whether police will be allowed to use ShotSpotter, malls spied on visitors and Facebook had a massive loss in share price after their second quarter.

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