Susan Rice: Trump Proposing To Sell Out U.S. On China For Personal Gain | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

Susan Rice: Trump Proposing To Sell Out U.S. On China For Personal Gain | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Susan Rice: Trump Proposing To Sell Out U.S. On China For Personal Gain | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
Describe something like this for you from first-hand experience, but this person can quote there is no such thing as a short phone call with Vladimir Putin and you almost three years following the annexation of Crimea, 2014 and its invasion of eastern Ukraine, President Obama and the Russian President spoke over a dozen times by secure phone began with a comical game of chicken, in which each side communication staff tried to ensure that their leader was the last one to get on the line. To start the call quote, it was a game that Obama found play busy himself with desk work or Scrabble on his iPad. If Putin was slow to come to the phone hello, how are you we’re always civil and mostly respectful, go despite the number of times the two engaged they were unable to resolve our Stark differences over Ukraine. That fly-on-the-wall perspective comes from a new book: Tough Love by Susan Rice. She served security advisor to President Obama before that un Ambassador interview with National Security advisor. She was on those calls and, in addition to this being an legitimately inspiring and fast, there’s nobody in the world. I would rather talk to you about what’s going on in our world right now than her Susan Rice and thank you so much activate the moving and inspiring, and it made me think harder about the way I work. Thank you. I mean you’ve done a lot of coming from you giving our respective roles. I want to ask you about some of that experience, given what we are going through right now, because I think it’s important for people to hear from you as a sort of grounding in normal governance going. I know that you said that you believe these impeachment proceedings are warranted, given the gravity of the accusations against the president. I also want to ask if you felt any differently about that over the past couple of days, as the president has started openly confess two doing this as openly confessed, that he’s doing it not only with Ukraine but with China and he’s essentially daring people to hold Him to account for it by saying that there’s nothing wrong with what he’s doing is not Swift to come to the conclusion. Synonym an inquiry was justified, various reservations but as more and more information has come to light and in particular what we learned in the last couple of weeks about Ukraine and now China any alternative. But to follow the inquiry in the facts where they go and then make a a judgement. What we learned yesterday, when present stood on the south lawn and said to the Chinese government that he wants them to give him. Joe Biden, which, by the way to my knowledge, doesn’t exist. It was even more extraordinary than what we witness with respect to Ukraine. In my judgment, because China is our most formidable and committed – and we are in the middle of a hot trade war and very distraught security relationship where we’re competing over the Cyber realm in the South, China Sea over things like Huawei and the future of technology. And what President Trump in effect said before the whole world was China? If you give me bogus dirt on Joe Biden, then by application, I’m prepared to consider what kind of deal we can cut, that you might be satisfied with Woodruff to the trade war and our security concerns he juxtapose those things and the Chinese aren’t stupid. Chinese foreign minister said piously: today we wouldn’t interfere in the American political process. You poor people go sort yourself out, you better, not say a damn thing about Hong Kong, because we consider that our internal matter so there’s some leverage already or Taiwan, which day in opposition to US policy view, is theirs as well. But the real concern in my judgment is the Chinese understand two things: one. We got a president who is incredibly unstable, unpredictable and not on game if you ever was, and that this might be a moment from their point of view, to try to steal second base from us. Whether that’s again in one of these conflict zones, where are forces, are potentially arrayed against each other or the economic realm or the or the, but it is also the case that and the Chinese might conclude that here’s an opportunity to give Trump what he wants provided. We end this trade war on terms favorable to China, and so usually, what the president is doing is proposing not very subtly to sell out our Farmers sell out. Our manufacturing sector sell out the American taxpayers who been paying for this stupid trade war with higher tariffs and do it for his own personal political benefit. When China said Tedashii Cesar Pius Leo, no, you need to sort this out amongst yourselves. Of course, we’ve never do that. I saw that skeptically as well. It made me wonder, though, about whether or not actually there is already operative, not hypothetically, but out there an open invitation from the president that any government around the world that wants something in terms of US policy or wants to take a bite out of America’s hide And some way Macy there a way to get that by realizing. This is by offering something to the president that he can use against his political opponents, whoever they are, whether it’s made up, whether it’s based in reality that he is essentially open to market for this stuff and has said that US policy is on the line. Respond to that is exactly what he’s doing he’s putting out of open for business sign on the Oval Office and he’s in the business of trying to traffic in bogus dirt on his opponents at the expense of our national security and our national interest. Impeach by that very few people believe that you will be removed from office for that so which means that he’ll essentially be censured and helping one of only three American presidents has ever been impeached. But if he continues to do it and if Republicans in the Senate continue to believe that he should stay in, why does that sort of thing, but I want to know: is there a way that we, the public, we, the people can Harden ourselves as a Target? So that, whatever the president is willing to do to our democracy and do to our country, inviting other countries to do what he’s inviting them to do, is there a way that we can be resilient? Against that I mean. First of all, we have to vote. We have to participate in this process with all of our energy and all of our conviction, because it’s not just an election, that’s at stake. I deeply truly did the future and stability of our democracy is at stake. If we have four more years of a president, that’s basically putting us on the auction block for the highest bidder. You know who is prepared to do what he wants for his personal Nicholas Financial gain that it won’t work, control the republican-controlled Senate. I’M worried about the way that we, the public in 2016. You know, like I’m, worried about what a government did, that we, the people, were targeted, we’re absolutely soft Targets in one of the very important messages I’m trying to convey and tough love is that our domestic political divisions are in fact at the moment, our greatest National Security vulnerability, the Russians figure. They figured out that if they can put people against each other on both sides of every divisive issue, whether it’s race or immigration or guns or gay rights, if they can exploit those fissures, which already exists, exacerbate them and caused us to question one another’s. Loyalty and decency As Americans, then they don’t have to fire a bullet to take us down. That’S the risk we face, and so, when you asked about resiliency, it’s not just about it’s about being informed and educated is first and foremost about the American people. Understanding that our adversaries are trying to exploit these divisions and that we, because we created these divisions amongst ourselves, have the ability to rectify them. Only good news about this. Is this a problem of our own making and therefore it’s a problem we can solve? If we’re willing to listen to one another, to understand one another and to change our system in ways that that I see the extremes and empowers the more moderate Among Us, if you want to just get your news off of Breitbart or you want to just get Your news off BuzzFeed to not listen to anything else and not talked to anybody who may have a different perspective and not question the veracity of the information that you’re consuming. We’Ve got a teacher selves as voters, but even as young people in students how to evaluate the truth of information, how to argue and debate and be open to alternate opinions, and this is deep and the remedies aren’t going to be. Am I even proposed some pretty dramatic steps like mandatory national service for Americans between the ages of 18 and 21 spend six months or a year, every single one of us working on something that serves the country, but that Squires us to know and work alongside with And cooperate with people come from vastly different backgrounds, and we do that’s the kind of thing we need to be thinking about if we recognize that these divisions, which we are suffering from which our adversaries oryx, are our potential death. Now, if we don’t get it together, but Rachel after having said all that which some people may find depressing, I do think it’s worth for calling that as dark. As this moment may seem to some people, including to you and me, I imagine we’re old enough and we studied enough history to recall and we’ve been through a whole lot worse than that in this country, we’ve been through a civil war. You’Ve been through reconstruction. We’Ve been through the McCarthy era we’ve been through Vietnam and the City there were, cities were literally burning down and students were being shot on. Campus has we’ve been through much worse and come out, arguably stronger and that’s what this moment calls for. Susan Rice love. My story of the things worth fighting for I’ll be right back there right after the thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. If you want to keep up-to-date with the videos were putting out you can click subscribe just below me this list? Is he lots of other great videos
Susan Rice, former U.S. ambassador to the U.N., talks with Rachel Maddow about Donald Trump’s brazen public solicitations for foreign help in the 2020 election, and how domestic political divisions are America’s greatest national security vulnerability. Aired on 10/04/19.
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Susan Rice: Trump Proposing To Sell Out U.S. On China For Personal Gain | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC

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