Suspect’s manager: He told me to burn in hell

Suspect’s manager: He told me to burn in hell
Deborah Gregorian to the general manager of New River Pizza & Fresh Kitchen in Fort Lauderdale in Fort Lauderdale Florida driver for several months until he quit in January. Thank you so much for joining me this evening. Circumstances that I’m that I’m speaking to you under he work with you until January, what did you think Deborah when you heard him named today? I was shocked. I couldn’t believe it. My hair stood up, knew he had issues. He really was not. He definitely beat to the beat of his own drum. He was anti-gay, anti-black anti-jewish, you name it. Everybody, that’s really wasn’t white and wasn’t a white supremacist didn’t belong in the world. That’S what he used to say to me all the time, but I really was shell shocked when I found out it was him. I really couldn’t believe it, because it’s as an employee, he was on time he was cordial. He was articulate. I never had any problems with him. There was no staff, my customers liked him, but it was just his political views. That’S scary! Basically, he was modeling play. That’S what I can understand and I’m sitting here saying myself what happened. I just can’t sounds like different people when you’re talking about an employee shows up on time who was, as you said, cordial, but he had issues to me. Then, when you talk about the things that he’s pouting clearly he had issues. Was he not at all? He made it a point. He knew I was a lesbian in a very proud lesbian and he made it a point to tell me that you know God had made a mistake with me and that I should burn in hell and, along with my other black friends, absolutely absolutely absolutely by my Mother brought me up to always believe the best in people I didn’t have to go home with him. He was not a friend of mine, I just hired him, he did his job and that’s how I looked at it. You know why I didn’t you know, except his political views. We had an argument about it X out. He said he worked at a casino to come in and work it and see some shows with him, but I couldn’t bring a partner. I had to come alone. Sorry about that, but as far as an employee goes really was wonderful, he did he bring that very same band with those very same stickers to work. Absolutely he did and that’s why I hired him to drive at night. I couldn’t have him driving in the daytime. I had him driving at night yeah, he parked the van around the corner. I never got any complaints from any of the customers. If I did, he would have been fired. I can’t – and I in this is what people seems not to understand. I can’t fire somebody because of their political views, but they don’t like me or they don’t the black personal day. For some. I can’t do that. I can’t as much as I’d like to I couldn’t, but his van was freaky scary. I actually was talking to my brother a few minutes ago and I was telling he was driving me home one night because it was raining and when I get in the van I just remember looking is there anyway, I can get out, because I said he really Appreciated me, as a general manager liked me, but hated me is being a lesbian, so I always wanted to make sure if you have off in the advice that I can find a way out of that van. The van had a lot of McDonald’s Taco Bell boxes. A lot of laundry hygienically, it was filthy, it was dirty, it was smelly, it was Golden Era, vodka bottles in there, but he always dress impeccably. He always had on nice cologne. He always looked gray. If he was delivering my food to me, I’d say: hey come on in, he always the part very well, and maybe that’s just it. He played the part real well with these do with your understanding. He was living in the van at the time when he work with you 5, and he had a home on the reservation here, and you also had a home in Plantation and he was very proud that he just got accepted into driving like a Hazmat trucker going To the different ports with biochemicals – and this was she was going to school in North Carolina and it was very proud of that. I saw in Washington Post you told there reported it inside the van that puppets with their heads cut off and mannequins, with their heads cut off mannequins and pop hits in a nooses. You know, but that was on his van also. There was Klu Klux Klan. There was Nazi symbols, absolutely not. He talked to me about coming to a show at the Hardrock, but I would have to come by myself. She really appreciated me as a general manager and that I could do for him. I did get time off to go home early. I would let him go home early and I appreciated him as being on time and being you know, articulate and due diligence and all of that as far as the political views. No, we when he would start on that. I was just coming up it in the butt and say you got a delivery up. You got to go. He knew that I was a very strong supporter, very strong, lesbian, very proud of my sexuality, but more than once he told me that if he acts play me, I would burn in hell with all the blacks and Jews and Hispanics and everybody else. It was just the white supremacist that we’re going to rule the world and unfortunately he said as much as I like you you’re, going to be the first one I burn. Did he openly talk? Probably about did he call himself? A white supremacist City openly talk about it. Yes, he called himself a white supremacist and he called himself a Nazi supporter and and if you look at his van you see you see stickers of President Trump vice-president Pence. Did he talk about the president? He talked about Obama and Hillary Clinton and that I would be on that island that he blew up with them. So those two, the only two and CNN and CNN Rachel Maddow Rachel Maddow. She was one of the other Advanced. I was going to go on the island with me. Where is burning hate of CNN or anyone else. He just said that the people that he labeled were very weak and that he would price of purify Society. So, in order to do that, he would have to get rid of the gays and lesbians in the transgenders in the blacks and the Jews, and whoever else didn’t follow his suit. So I’ll roll through follow its policy and political views. Coconut are going to be amazed that you can carry on those conversations and working at workplace with him. Why did he quit and we will because he said that only a few people get picked for this and everybody was like. You know, you’re going to do really. Well at it had to say that we can call and say that, and you very well at it – and I have to you just wanted to point – you know why I you know I was able to deal with him. I must tell you that my mother is is right now in in my brain in my heart she always told me, you know you know, people come from in life and you always have to give them. You know love and kindness and maybe they’re suffering, something tragic that you don’t know about and that’s how I look at it. I’Ve lost a lot of friends because I’ve been a lesbian, but, to be honest, my mother used to always say those all the time to find that you want it. So I look at it is that he did his job. He did his job and packable and I had no right to fire him because his political reviews for something that will wear against me if it was stabbed or something that I was hearing from different customers. Absolutely he would have been gone in a heartbeat. But just having those political views, I could not fire him, that’s what this country is made of, and I’m very proud of, that
Debra Gureghian, the general manager of the shop where mail bomb suspect Cesar Sayoc worked as a delivery driver, described what it was like to work with him.

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