SVP plays ‘Real or Fake TV Shows’ | SC with SVP

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SVP plays ‘Real or Fake TV Shows’ | SC with SVP
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SVP plays ‘Real or Fake TV Shows’ | SC with SVP
SVP plays ‘Real or Fake TV Shows’ | SC with SVP
It’S our yearly tradition, it’s real or fake TV shows it’s one of the favorite thing to do. Are some really aggressive ones Steve. We continue shout out to Jim Nantz a tradition, unlike any other real or fake TruTV shows it’s goes all the way back to the radio days wrecked Jeff Brown. He was an underling here now he’s a big producer, they’re, both of Virginia grass. What you want to say to them, I just not Virginia, hasn’t won since the last time. We did this in the tournament. I don’t want to tackle your team. You guys were one Sea Isle, but anyway the gist. Is this TruTV we’re watching tournament games? They got some and the people TruTV, I tip my cap. You guys have taken this in the spirit in which isn’t anywhere just having some fun real or fake TruTV shows put my houseboat Russell, my dad horrible person with lawful tats. That’S not real a TruTV free of charge just go: make Old Bay, Zoo, Baltimore you’re, welcome working with Robert Wood with chickens, Woods, Rachel, dratch’s, late night, snack yeah. We got it! That’S about little Kim’s, Karate Academy, it’s either the second one of the fourth one. We’Ve all got some gifts and skills of the middle that Rachel Dratch. What are you got spin doctor still out there spinning that, one greatest ever how to change clear. What pioneers of Parker parkour you can do better words. Books are for nerds. I don’t know man either the 3rd or the 1st. You got that one wrong on purpose, any. What is it? What what is you can do better? What is that? What do you do should be about us really, epic, Tyler meltdown starring, Stephanie Van Pelt? What the heck I mean, how many shows does this guy need? Man doesn’t eat with us anymore, he’s just eating Popeyes by himself. Give us a shout out I’d like it three piece and a biscuit. I am green lighting that we will. I will. I will be the executive producer of that and, if there’s a nerd old one about the Civil War that you want to the Civil War, green lights,
It’s NCAA tournament time, which means SVP and Stanford Steve play “Real or Fake TV Shows” where Scott Van Pelt has to choose if Old Baes of Baltimore, Yacht Week with Yanni, CPAs on ATVs and Pioneers of Parkour are real television shows.

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