Swalwell On Congress Holding Trump Accountable: ‘Doing Nothing Is Not An Option’ | Deadline | MSNBC

Swalwell On Congress Holding Trump Accountable: ‘Doing Nothing Is Not An Option’ | Deadline | MSNBC
Swalwell On Congress Holding Trump Accountable: ‘Doing Nothing Is Not An Option’ | Deadline | MSNBC
Congress returns to session on Monday, and it’s not the agenda gun control brought back into the spotlight after 3. Mass shooting in August alone left nearly 40 people dead, but so far, there’s no action. Only waffling from the president on any potential legislation and yesterday Trump met with West Virginia senator Joe manchin to discuss the issue with those hoping for drastic action will likely be disappointed by that their kinds. Reports on Thursday that he was still centering legislation. That could include background checks for gun buyers, but those familiar with the meeting said the presents likeliest course of action. Wasn’T any of smaller items like a Slimmer version of a background, check bill and red flag laws which allowed the authorities to brierley confiscate firearms from those were found by a judge to be a danger to themselves or others? The potential reasoning behind those weaker actions *? As according to two people briefed on the meeting quote the White House, aides say they have polling data. Show, gun control was politically problematic. President running, it’s now Congressman Eric swalwell, a member of both the house, Judiciary and intelligence committees. Cars was nice to see you again. Prudential campaign about this really intractable place where any sort of reforms, even those with 90 % support among the American General Public juicy. This spring of mass shootings here in the final month of summer, is shaking loose anything in Washington that, because of the work of Moms, Demand Action, some of the other organizations, retailers are now saying: don’t bring your open carry firearms into our stores, and that shows the Power that we have as consumers that we don’t have to just rely on Washington, demand that retailers in places where we go at that they can keep us safe at 2, also just to take count. We beat 17 NRA endorsed members of Congress in the last election. That’S what a lot of the past background checks and the house in when I step back and look at what we can do. I don’t want us to nibble around the edges, because the momentum is with us then arrays on the ropes. We shouldn’t just go for background checks. We should go to put liability on manufacturers. We should require licensing Insurance Band by back every single assault. The public is entirely behind us. Let me just put the names of the companies mentioned, that the companies that ask customers to stop carrying weapons in their stores has Walmart Kroger, Walgreens CVS and Wegman. I know these are stores that take very seriously the sort of views and opinions of their customers. If, if you could argue that the customers of all those retailers supported some common sense gun reform, could you argue that the public opinion is is moving in in favor of people who want just some common sense? Things like background checks and red flag laws and waiting. And closing some of the loopholes. It is there and I would suggest it’s always been there. But the NRA has been this vocal tweeting bullying minority and I learned on the campaign Trail. We don’t have to fear them anymore, that you show up to events On Demand Action, volunteers there with their shirts and see the Brady in the Gifford’s group and the March for our lives, kids and they’re going to have our back and you should fear them a Lot more now and actually the spending in the last election, there was more money spent by gun safety groups NRA. So I see the NRA is an organization that isn’t its last days and so there’s no reason for us to negotiate down anymore, and we should really see the momentum, I’m a very packed schedule. I think a lot of Democrats disappointed by the post Mueller outcome, which was basically nothing. What is the plan for September to either refocus The public’s attention on some of the misses star Witnesses in the Mueller report or around news reports over the summer that he promised pardons to people who illegally filled his wall, and I’ve also seen reports about bringing the Illegal hush money scheme that the southern district of New York get it back into Focus. President in one of the remedies is impeachment now Nicole Donald Trump benefits to not let him have this benefit, he will tell everyone: impeachment is poor unpopular and then that will get in the heads of folks in the Cinco. There be a political consequence. If we do that, and then he’ll also order his witnesses to not come forward, so it’s harder to inform the public as to what exactly he and his aides have done until they put us in this conundrum find the public and the evidence is very but but Obstruction of Congress is also an impeachable offense and if he’s going to bury the evidence, we should just assume he’s doing it, because he has a lot to hide and it goes to his guilt and I just believe doing nothing is not an option. If we do nothing, one, he gets worse and he is getting worse and to it shows future presidents of the standard of conduct is much lower. It’S nothing! It’S not a position. We’Ve asked for, but it’s a position that we’re in and I think we have to hold them accountable, you’re, going to see that in the next few weeks play some Democrats feel, like you missed the moment when the southern district of New York describe Donald Trump as An unindicted co-conspirator and illegal hush money scheme and my Robert Mueller Fontaine criminal acts of obstruction of justice. As fast as I want, and you know, honestly, Nicole, she is getting worse every single day and he’s just got to go, but we got to do it. The right way and – and I think we can’t wait for court rulings – that’s going to long time, if he’s just not going to abide by the walk, we should put forth an obstruction of Congress as one of the Articles of impeachment as well. Russia, when the Russians were interfering in the 2016 election Donald Trump was saying the elections going to be rig, the elections going to be rigged and what happened? The Obama Administration was a little reluctant to call out Russia and who knows what. The effect was because what the Russians did didn’t want to play into Donald Trump’s claim. Bob Miller testified that he did not interview Donald Trump, because in part it was going to take too long and Donald Trump insane forever and over and over that. This investigation is going on and on, and so he gotten Moore’s hadn’t. He was not interviewed, let Donald Trump dictate the terms. We should dictate the terms and we should hold them accountable. You want Rob Porter and of course we want Don mcgahn in those are folks who we continue to seek a hope. Hicks is well but again, if they’re not going to come in, if they’re just going to obstruct, then I say just put that in the bucket of obstruction of Congress and impeach him under those grounds. Hey there, I’m Chris Hayes from MSNBC thanks for watching MSNBC on YouTube. 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Rep. Eric Swalwell of California previews what to expect when Congress comes back to Washington next week, regarding gun control legislation and the House Judiciary Committee’s plans to investigate many aspects of Trump’s conduct
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Swalwell On Congress Holding Trump Accountable: ‘Doing Nothing Is Not An Option’ | Deadline | MSNBC

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