Sweden: Truth, lies & manipulated narratives? – BBC Newsnight

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Sweden: Truth, lies & manipulated narratives? – BBC Newsnight
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sweet stories in open in healthcare welfare and gender equality but the course of Sweden Skeptics now the rape capital of Europe they paint a picture of a country liberalism two contradictory narratives they caught both be true so what’s really going on espectacular Bridge connects Denmark to the Swedish City but it’s real crime that’s worrying people here and some a blaming immigrants during the crisis of 2015 can even Germany hundreds of thousands came attracted by an open door policy and generous welfare payments many roozengaarde already home to a large immigrant population in the past that have been riots here call husband earlier this year the police station was bombed vulnerable area 123 such areas across the country now there that is you say that’s just putting a positive spin on it is spiraling out of control young guys don’t have much to do so the biggest problems here A drugs and guns 10 people have been shot dead in Malmo this year already so when was the last time you had a shooting here 2 weeks ago fight I’m just here that’s him do you know who did it have you arrest made an arrest one of the most sensitive topics here is about immigration and some people say that it immigration that’s to blame for this rise who’s doing the shootings sexual assault lawyers say the police is struggling to cope it is like that right now and that’s very bad because if we have the prettiest working with rape cases and then we have a lot of shootings in Miami-Dade take please from this thing instead and that means that the rape cases filed so they have to wait but that’s more the biggest a highly contested Sweden this brought to the legal definition of rape in the past few years before that clip we just showed you what is going on with right figures in really down I think it’s a good thing that they are more people actually being sexually assaulted in right especially when journalists go to report on a story We strive for accuracy and balance of course but we all can also go in search of a narrative and in complex situations one narrative another let’s go back to Rosen God and start again across the country was that mean that means they have problems with crime with unemployment but this is still sweet right how bad can it get officer in the rank of crime indeed drugs and guns the latest treating was just a couple of weeks ago who is the guy who was shot right here it’s a well-known Criminal let’s take another look at that sensitive question about immigration okay so explain that if these guys in the school that don’t have a job this second generation so they actually Suites both sessions if what we just show you reflect reality but it doesn’t take much to tip a narrative this is a story about a wider golf in perception between the image that Sweden project of the lived experience of some sweet which is begun to contradict that now time to start the origin of Sweden’s image as a beacon for progressives and liberals you have to go back to the middle of the 20th century social Democrats apology with its roots in the labor movement through a bold hybrid of socialism and liberalism appear to achieve stock and results living in a super welfare state which is a bunny’s property and eliminated strikes where everything and everyone itself is a mobile to emulate but even in the 1960s there were people asking is the good sweet narrative too-good-to-be-true all around the phone you can see the discrepancy between they worship themselves and images of Brahms but all the trolls in Gremlins creeping back one thing the swedes of always worship is the song is even Starker today sweeten still regularly comes after near the top of international rankings for happiness and prosperity but it’s been blessed on welfare and public services so lucky here now I think we have started to see difficulties in the society and they don’t necessarily have to do with immigration at whole but now people see that my kids school is not working my elderly parents are not being taken care of proper way for them to the buses or the trains I’m not working there always running late so I think the people are feeling that they’re doing everything right but they’re not getting back to welfare that we were used to the Heyday of Sweden’s liberal socialist hybrid is over old industries of dye others have sprung up to take that place to transition globalized economy and the most educated Workforce has been good for some but not for everyone that is less equal and less homogeneous under exaggeration in both of these narratives the good Sweden story the story of this perfect little Nation where everything works and everyone lives in harmony is being so dumb now that it’s being challenged feels even more disturbing to get beneath the skin of the bad Sweden narrative that the country isn’t working anymore leave the city and get out into the countryside and I was drive from Mammoth we meet Morgan he’s in construction right I walk into stocking whole life and everyone who else Wilson construction workers have ditched the centre-left and switched to the Sweden Democrats apology with its roots in the Neo-Nazi movement that is Riding High in the polls by focusing on the issue of migration he says open borders provide the Swedish workers nibbles and everything we can’t stop what’s coming into account that we don’t know who we seem to be country did it once balls lots of people in Sweden would not agree with you they would say life in Sweden this is great we have very high standards of living most people are well-off we have problem is but we have it and I have is dude and many people have his but we don’t take help it really fun and very poor ones and old ones we don’t take care of them I believe in so we keep sweet and thank you I’ve been before this country is changing fast my mind to that phrase from the old documentary all around the phone you can see the discrepancy between this and that he’d like to be no longer Public Schools is catching up with private thoughts about the Sweden working narrative is it it’s shared by many of the second-generation immigrants whose parents came here expecting some kind of utopia have you talked to explain they say it’s very good today. Like this they have food but they are they don’t feel good in the mentality or no the same came to Sweden from Lebanon is a young boy he’s been out of work for 3 years as we stood under the tree there was a moment and how is life Issaquah cuz of this man maybe don’t like him because they say they came here from the wall to get everything and we are sick we cannot work they don’t give us money we don’t have to eat and I am Swedish we didn’t see any People Like Us I said a lost here right this the best country in the world to be a refugee good screen for decades the people who run this country the politicians the media of being deeply invested in this narrative but it’s not the full story you can live here and switch estimate unemployment maybe more but don’t tell recently about that who is is causing this problem what would happen if you said that in polite Society in central Ma and I will probably call a racist maybe message I don’t know why because it’s the truth do you think that political correctness fails that guy and somewhere yes and won’t way to see the problem as it is and do something about to political correctness is quite literally killing people that’s over things that cost Donald Trump said something to I think that’s not good Watch the documentary clip on Fox News the previous evening as a failing state of course Sweden is a lodestar in a polarized world people come hit looking for confirmation of their existing worldview is this the simple narrative
A film about Sweden. But also about us. And liberal democracies everywhere.

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