Syria War: On the frontline with SDF fighting IS – BBC News

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Syria War: On the frontline with SDF fighting IS – BBC News
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Syria War: On the frontline with SDF fighting IS – BBC News
After years of Waging War on the so-called Islamic State, the Syrian Democratic forces have their full color is, is lost most of its territory. These may be its final days. They March, like an army from another age, on the Wii, how to destroy a medieval caliphate, but with 21st century ear. Power which side of the village on this really isn’t that a front-line Islamic State used to stretch all the way from Libya to Iraq and across Syria. Well, it’s been reduced to this tiny pocket, just ft square kilometers, and so Sofia there are only two Villages remaining still under is control. America will soon withdraw its support from these Fighters. Taruhan Moxley Islamic States retreat in the hardest gets hurt. American airstrikes have jumped by 1/4. This is destroy the strongholds, but no one here thinks the truly gone. I do believe his many times. A religious extremist ideology remains. 2 is a retreating into the shadows and to the desert west of here. Under the cover of more air strikes, We join a night operation, the last Islamic State territory ahead. There’S a mixture of bravado and fear. The fighters are men and boys from local villages in tires, remove vertical scroll. Some 2000s Fighters remain including at least with homemade grenades and their bedding over their shoulders. They Swagger own bit by bit, I’m a bulldozers clear the way tonight. Syria is a country of constant morning, a near-daily funerals, the family of 25 year old, dead, yo gabba Timon him. He died on the Frontline last week. It’S the cards and Arabs who fought this war against, is and died in the thousands doing so before the battle is won, more will die on dialysis, be repaid in blood. Islamic state is almost beaten, Western troops will soon leave these men and boys stand alone, could prove to be a precarious Victor De Quentin Sommerville BBC News, the reserve, Syria
The BBC’s Quentin Sommerville have been embedded with the U.S.-backed, Kurdish-led forces, Syrian Democratic forces (SDF) as they advanced in the last remaining enclave of Islamic state group in Syria

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