Syrian refugee who lives in a historic manor – BBC News

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Syrian refugee who lives in a historic manor – BBC News
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Syrian refugee who lives in a historic manor – BBC News
I have you so lucky to be living here for the last year, my parents, my brothers and sisters, I sending so many pictures and they don’t. They don’t believe it’s because this Avis houses place where I used to see in the movie in an Old English movie. The only reason that I I left Siri on my my brother, was two years older than me. Left was a government Army which we didn’t want to join. You didn’t want to hurt people who want to kill people, but that’s not all this is not. What’S our religion told us, I was hoping to come back in 6 months. Then it sounds like I’m not going to see in 6 months time, but here I am at the seven years ago. I didn’t see her. I started my journey through turkey, raise the boats, complete horror, pure fear, running up and down the Cali jungle. The most horrendous place that I’ve ever been in Europe today, okay plus for Asylum. I met this really nice lady, who helped me when I was having trouble with accommodations and I’m at with chair trust you this house. Besides that house, I’ve always felt Lucky in this place. So mostly I work in the garden thing. They say I have primping. I grew up in a very beautiful Farmhouse, with my parents with animals, and I used to help my mom in the garden. My mom grow vegetables. I think the first thing I was so my mom is the garden. It’S my favorite place in the whole house as you walk in the house. You always hear them in the morning and I think you can hear them now. I feel only all the time my Mom feels that’s I’m living alone. I don’t have a lot of connection with syrians with friends of mine, but in the same time they feel happy for me because I am very and they know that I’m happy wherever Everybody Plays. The piano in the house, I you can hear the music everywhere. It is my favorite subject in the house. I always have this feeling of just not that I’m not doing enough. I’M not doing enough for my for my community for my people for my city. For my country, but I am fighting the from war, I’m fighting for myself and I’m fighting for my parents at 5 to 4 my time every single day, every second of my day there I spent the last 7 years away, I’m so as so many syrians, and I have so many friends of them miss their families every single day, every second of every day, really
Tamer fled Syria seven years ago because teenage boys in his region were being forced to join the government army.

His parents were worried about him and his brother so they arranged for them to leave.

After several years he arrived in the UK and successfully applied for asylum.

As he was struggling to find accommodation, the trustees of Southside House, a historic home in south-west London, offered him a roof over his head.

Tamer showed BBC News around his unusual living quarters and spoke about his longing to be reunited with his family.

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