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CBS News poll: Women say Trump a factor in 2018 vote

a CBS News Battleground tracker pull find the most women say president Trump will be a factor in how they vote in this year’s midterm CBS News political correspondent Ed O’Keefe that down as well as Amy Walter the national editor of the cook political report for this week’s edition of the Battleground briefings to […]

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Aretha Franklin, “Queen of Soul,” dies at 76

this is a CBS News special report on Gayle King in New York we’ve just received the news that Aretha Franklin the Brilliance singer and songwriter known for decades as a queen of soul died morning at her Detroit home of advanced pancreatic cancer that news coming to us from her publicist just minutes ago […]

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New Haven police respond to dozens of K2 overdoses

Tony dokoupil joint is from the park or Rescuers found so several people suffering from overdoses Tony so what do we know about the man who’s been arrested for this so much we can’t tell the broader picture of K2 which is that it is not a plant at all it’s called synthetic marijuana but […]

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