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MoviePass limits users to 3 movies a month

MoviePass announced it is changing its business model the in theater movie viewing subscription service has been struggling to stay afloat starting August 15th the company will only allow users to see 3 movies each month the current limit for customers is one movie per day MoviePass has been losing about 45 million dollars a […]

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Farrow outlines sexual misconduct allegations

just a few hours to CVS board of directors will meet to consider the fate of their CEO Les moonves after allegations of sexual misconduct by at least six women the women spoke to Ronan Farrow and a piece for the New Yorker when does issued his own statement saying in part about my time […]

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“Guardians of the Galaxy” cast backs James Gunn

the cast of The Guardians of the Galaxy franchises showing their support for ousted director James Gunn has been part of the franchise since the start but was fired from working on the Third Field nearly two weeks ago after old tweets surface or he joked about subjects like sweets were from 2008 to 2011 […]

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