Take a tour of U2’s ground-breaking stage – BBC News

Take a tour of U2’s ground-breaking stage – BBC News
With breaking the space up – and I mean the show – starts with this – this cage in the middle of the floor hat and either side can see through it. But if you’re, actually in it, as you discover, you can see out very easily come have. Paris is vertigo, and I need to have some stability. There’S no groundedness once you’re inside the barricades, what we call it the north side of the south side and generally they don’t get to see each other until the screen comes up. So it it’s a great dramatic moments. These video walls produce a lot of hate. The videos I’m not too bad cuz. I already did, but it’s all these halogen lights, underneath these really bright lights. If you’re standing here waiting for them to set to change, they just fly. But you know what you you kind of learned that you know you can get away with not wearing heavy clothing in here. Okay, so I’m halfway through the show where in the screen and then we come out, send wait. We come on to this east states, and this is in fact another video screen was interesting, but this is normally. If you were to show front of the arena is where you want to be and hear you using the whole went to everybody. Has the best seat in the house? Is that the idea? The idea was, if we divide it down the center than all these people are close to you when you’re in the middle and then when you get on this stage, you actually performance the people. On this end, you can definitely use that.
U2’s Experience and Innocence tour features a double-sided, 30 metre-long LED video screen, which the band can climb inside, adding new dimensions to their performance.

Bassist Adam Clayton showed Mark Savage around (and through) the ground-breaking technology.

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